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The term “ergonomics” may sound like corporate jargon, but its importance to the workplace can’t be overstated: companies with solid ergonomics programs are better places to work, and they’re more profitable in the long term. To find out why ergonomics is worth the investment, we invite you to check out our latest “New Simple” video:

The Goldtouch “New Simple” video web series is a simple introduction to the world of office ergonomics and to the Goldtouch fully adjustable Keyboard. We hope you’ll find it helpful and informative. Look for it at and all over the web.

The New Simple, Part One: Goldtouch Overview

The second video in “The New Simple” web series provides guidance for setting up your Goldtouch fully adjustable Keyboard. After all, no two wrists are exactly alike, so finding your unique hand and wrist angle is the key to a safe and comfortable fit. Enjoy the video!

The New Simple, Part Two: Setting up your Goldtouch Keyboard

The third video in “The New Simple” web series takes a look at how the full line of Goldtouch comfort peripherals allows you to build your very own complete custom desktop.

The New Simple, Part Three: Customizing your office

Check out our latest “New Simple” video, The Mobile Office Suite. With a few essential Goldtouch products, you can create an instant office anywhere. Learn more:

The New Simple, The Mobile Office Suite

The Economics of Ergonomics by Goldtouch

You can find all these videos and more at the Goldtouch YouTube channel.

For our support video catalog, including step by step instructions on how to pair and adjust your keyboard, please visit our Support Video section.