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An Ergonomic Keyboard is a small change that can yield huge returns 

Goldtouch Go!2 Ergonomic Keyboard

The Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard

The office doesn’t have to be a pain. But for a lot of us, the office has become exactly that, as we spend longer hours in front of the computer, developing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at higher rates. The addition of small, portable devices into our lives has only exacerbated the problem, forcing us to struggle with tiny keyboards and trackpads in a manner that doesn’t support our joints, hands, or wrists. For businesses, this is bad for the bottom line. After all, workers in pain produce less, have higher absentee rates, and create a higher number of workers’ comp claims. At Goldtouch, we believe it’s time to usher in the age of productivity. Over the years, we’ve created an entire line of ergonomic products — from keyboards to mice, numeric keypads to wrist rests — that are strategically designed to make users more comfortable and more productive by supporting their individual bodies and working styles.

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How Can an Ergonomic Keyboard Help Your Business?

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that employers pay $20 billion in workers’ compensation claims every year for RSI-related injuries.
  • On average, for every 1 person who reports RSI-related pain, 15 people do not, letting their injuries worsen until they eventually need to get surgery or drop out of the workplace altogether.
  • Goldtouch has saved dozens of companies millions of dollars (including one company that saved $14 million) just by employing Goldtouch solutions throughout their organization.

The Goldtouch V2 Comfort Keyboard

The biggest problem with traditional keyboards is that the keys are laid out straight and flat, causing users to splay their hands in unnatural positions. This is a major contributing factor to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. In contrast, Goldtouch makes ergonomic split keyboards that pull apart in the middle and are adjustable so that each individual can find the angle that works best for them. What’s more, Goldtouch keyboards tent vertically, allowing typists to find a position that keeps their wrists angled at only the most comfortable angle.


The Goldtouch Wireless Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards are slim and lightweight, making them an attractive addition to any desktop. Even better: Many of our keyboards were created with portability in mind. The Goldtouch Wireless Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is an example of our many ergonomic mobile keyboards. As more of us work long hours in coffee shops, airplane seats and hotel rooms, the notion of Mobile Ergonomics has become increasingly important to us, and we’re creating products to address it.

From lightweight travel keyboards workers can slip into briefcases to numeric keypads that makes number crunching easy, we carry every kind of keyboard to suit each individual’s custom needs, including those that use Mac products. And we sell more than keyboards. You can overhaul your entire workspace with one of our Ergo Suites, which combine the products you need to make your workspace fit you.

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