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The Goldtouch Gel Filled Mouse Pad

From the home office to the corporate headquarters, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) are a serious problem among today’s workforce. While the digital and internet revolutions have led to a much more productive, efficient and creative way of working, those countless hours spent on our computers, tablets and smartphones have taken a serious toll on our bodies. Wrists and hands are at particularly high risk, as workers spend their days typing on less-than-ideal keyboards and moving computer mice around a desktop without any support, often over-stretching their fingers to access faraway keys.

To prevent the development of painful conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s important to supplement your mousing and keyboarding experience with the proper support. You’ll find just that in Goldtouch wrist rests and mouse pads.

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How Goldtouch wrist rests and mouse pads make your workday more comfortable

  • A keyboard wrist rest will move your wrists and forearms into the proper neutral position, alleviating pressure from your shoulders and preventing your wrists from bending backwards. It will also provide a comfortable resting spot when you’re not typing.

  • Goldtouch gel mouse pads absorb the pressure of impact. Unlike mousing on hard surfaces, you won’t have to worry about pressing down too hard, as the gel will soften and distribute the force of contact.

  • Lycra covers on both wrist rests and mouse pads will prevent irritation caused by friction while also blending nicely with your digital ecosystem.


Goldtouch Gel Filled Wrist Rests
with V2 Adjustable Keyboard

Goldtouch wrists rests and mouse pads keep a low profile while still providing all of support and precision you need. Either will pair well with your ergonomic keyboard of any design or size, ensuring you the most comfortable, productive and efficient workspace possible. Experience all of the benefits of superior support and comfort with Goldtouch’s cutting edge wrist rests and mouse pads.

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