Looking for a desk that can adapt to your work style and improve your productivity? The Goldtouch EasyLift Standard Desk in White could be the ideal addition to your workspace!

As we continue to expand our range of EasyLift furniture, we’re discontinuing this design. Now is the perfect time to purchase, as we’re running a closeout sale while supplies last.

Purchase yours for a discounted price of $175, marked down from the regular price of $349!

Why choose the EasyLift Standard Desk?

Everything we create has your comfort and productivity in mind. The EasyLift Standard Desk is designed to help you work smarter and more comfortably, providing a range of features to support you throughout your work day.

Accommodate heavy desk equipment with torque settings

A standout feature of the EasyLift Standard Desk is the sophisticated torque settings. Simply adjust the torque knobs on the sides of the desk to accommodate your equipment so that the desk can raise and lower smoothly.

Powerful elevating force

This desk has up to 27 lbs (12 kg) of elevating force, allowing it to lift up to 75 lbs (34 kg) with ease. That means heavy monitors and PC towers are lifted securely and easily via spring lifts.

Versatile height

With 15 inches of vertical range, this desk is suitable for people of any height, making sure that everyone in the office can find a comfortable and ergonomic position to work in.

Solid construction

A desk that’s made to last! It’s constructed from durable steel and a solid crossbeam to provide a stable and secure work environment.

Sliding keyboard tray

The inbuilt sliding keyboard tray provides four extra inches of extension, as well as a cable management system that keeps wires out of the way and keeps your workspace organized.

Unbox and go

For convenience, the EasyLift Standard Desk comes fully assembled, so you can get to work right away without any hassle and minimal downtime.

This blend of powerful features is why the Goldtouch Standard EasyLift Desk is the most advanced desktop sit/stand desk solution in the world.

What’s the difference between EasyLift Standard vs. EasyLift Pro?

Side view of the EasyLift Desk Standard in White. *Accessories not included.

We launched the EasyLift Standard Desk prior to our EasyLift Pro version. While the Pro version has an adjustable keyboard tray, the Standard has a regular pullout keyboard tray. For now, we’ve decided to focus solely on adjustable models.

Other than the adjustable keyboard tray, these Standard and Pro desks share the same steel frame and adjustability features for a comfortable and flexible ergonomic experience at work.

As we expand the Pro line of EasyLift furniture, we will be discontinuing this standard EasyLift version and limited supplies are available.

Order now while supplies last

If you’re looking for a high-quality desk that can adapt to your work style, then the Goldtouch EasyLift Desk Standard is a great addition to your workspace. With powerful elevating force, versatile height adjustments, and a durable steel frame, this desk will enhance your productivity and comfort. Plus, the white finish offers a sleek and stylish look to your office.

Right now is the perfect time to purchase — we’re running a closeout sale while supplies last. Bulk orders are available, too! Inquire with the Goldtouch team at sales@goldtouch.com.

Please note that refunds and exchanges are not available on this closeout offer.

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