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People experience serious relief. If it isn’t adjustable, it isn’t ergonomic.

We have had countless users who have had their pain from RSI’s disappear after using Goldtouch ergonomic products. From hand pain, tendonitis, wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arm pain, elbow pain, to shoulder, and neck pain with headaches.

Goldtouch products appeal to people who are serious about what they do and are looking for an edge. They want a superior product — highly functional and custom fit. They’re passionate about their work, their play, and about being good to their bodies. They wouldn’t pursue these passions with anything less than the best.

Ergonomic Keyboards

An Ergonomic Keyboard is a small change that can yield huge returns.

Ergonomic Mice

Designed to give your wrists and musculoskeletal system all of the support they need.

Laptop & Tablet Stands

Say goodbye to neck and back pain with the right office equipment.