Ergonomic Mice

All of our mice are designed to give your wrists and musculoskeletal system all of the support they need so that you can avoid pain and fatigue and stay focused at work.

Goldtouch Comfort Mouse

Improve the way you work with the comfort and ease of the Goldtouch Comfort Mouse. Designed to mirror your hand in a weightless environment, the Comfort Mouse supports your arm’s natural position and alleviates pressure on tendons and joints.

  • Moves your wrist into an ideal 24 degree angle
  • Over-sized buttons encourage comfortable grip
  • Available in Right, Left, and Bluetooth versions

Popular Ergonomic Mice

At Goldtouch, we carry a wide variety of computer mice including those designed for right-handed users, left-handed users, ambidextrous mice, and those who prefer a mouse that is a happy medium between the traditional flat and traditional vertical ergonomic mice like the Semi-Vertical Mouse.

Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse Wireless (RH) Medium w/ Dongle
Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse Wired (Right-Handed) Medium
Goldtouch USB Comfort Mouse | Right-Handed
Goldtouch Bluetooth Wireless Comfort Mouse | Right-Handed Only

Did you know?

The more we type, click, highlight and drag using regular mice, the greater the damage we’re inflicting on our hands and wrists.

Reduce Pain

Mousing with your hand flat and parallel to the table puts undue stress on your wrist. Ideally, your hand should be tilted anywhere from 20 degrees to 90 degrees, provided you have the right support.

Reduce Movement

A good ergonomic mouse will reduce the amount of movement you have to do, placing all buttons within easy reach of your fingers so you won’t have to overreach to find what you need.

Lightweight Design

Ergonomic doesn’t have to mean bulky. We sell ergonomic mice of various shapes, weights and sizes — perfect to use at your desk or on the road.

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