Bundles and Ergo Suites

At Goldtouch, we’ve made it as easy and as cost-effective as possible to create the perfect ergonomic workspace for you so that you can increase your productivity and comfort in next to no time.

Goldtouch Mobile Bundle

This bundle combines three of our favorite travel accessories: The Go!2 Mobile Keyboard, The Comfort Mouse, and The Go! Travel Laptop & Tablet Stand. This package combines the best in desktop ergonomics with the convenience of lightweight travel accessories.

  • Prevent eye and back strain
  • Create a comfortable office environment on-the-go
  • Lightweight and portable

Bundles and Ergo Suites

If one Goldtouch ergonomic product can greatly improve your comfort, just imagine what an entire workspace makeover can do. With a Goldtouch ErgoSuite Bundle, you can buy all of your favorite Goldtouch products at once, and save money as you go. Now that’s a suite deal!

Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard and Notebook Stand Bundle (Bluetooth Wireless)
Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard and Laptop Stand Bundle (USB)
Goldtouch Bluetooth Mobile Bundle | Right-Handed Mouse Only
Goldtouch Mobile Bundle (USB)

With the full Goldtouch suite of products, you’ll be making a savvy long term investment.

There’s only one solution to the many RSI-related ailments experienced by so many workers today: a completely ergonomic workspace.

Comfortable Workspace

Just place your digital device in the stand, attach or sync your mobile keyboard, and you’ve got a comfortable ergonomic workspace as mobile as your devices.

Lightweight Design

Slim, lightweight and fully adjustable, these products provide an excellent value without cluttering your desktop.

Bundled Savings

Bundled together, these suites provide excellent value, enabling you to create an entirely ergonomic workspace without breaking the bank.

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