OEM Driver Support

Thank you for taking the time to look into updating your OEM Drivers. By taking this step, you can help avoid the frustrations that come from integrating external devices with computers that have outdated drivers. Not only can one not expect an external device to run correctly if your drivers are not up-to-date, but current drivers can also help fix security issues.

By using the links below you can check if your computer drivers are up-to-date. Many of these OEM provider sites have Installation Wizards available where if you install their application utility/wizards, your system will be automatically updated. You can even get notifications when it’s time to update, or, allow them to automatically update your computer. Notably the Utilities are Dell SupportAssist, HP Support Assistant, and Lenovo System Update, all available on their support sites.

Use the link that corresponds to your device to update your computer’s driver.

To learn more about Bluetooth and Radio Drivers, the video below may be helpful.

To learn more about how to update Bluetooth Radio Driver and Power Management Settings, the video below may be helpful.