Numeric Keypads

Using a Goldtouch external numeric keypad will alleviate discomfort and speed the data entry process, providing just the right amount of feedback and convenient key placement so that you can get your job done.

The Goldtouch USB Numeric Keypad

Today’s most popular devices may be slim, but they’re often missing dedicated keypads, making data entry and calculations a long and cumbersome affair. The black Goldtouch PC USB Numeric Keypad is a great addition for number crunchers and laptop users without full keypads — or for anyone looking to speed through their daily tasks.

  • Mechanical keys give satisfying tactile feedback
  • Plug and play, no driver installations required
  • Easy access to the essential and specialty keys

Popular Numeric Keypads

Take the strain out of your data entry and calculation. Shop our wide selection of top-of-the-line numeric keypads and increase your speed and comfort throughout the workday. Pair with a wrist rest for even more support as you go about your keyboarding tasks.

Goldtouch PC USB Numeric Keypad | Black
Goldtouch Mac USB Numeric Keypad | Black
Goldtouch PC USB Numeric Keypad | White
Goldtouch Mac USB Numeric Keypad | White

Why do you need a Goldtouch numeric keypad?

The Numeric Keypads have easy to use Plug-and-Play technology featuring a USB connector.

Less Movement

With a dedicated numeric keypad, you’ll find all of the keys you need in close proximity. This significantly reduces the amount of movement needed to enter data rapidly. Less movement means fewer chances for injury and a great reduction in muscle and joint fatigue throughout the day.

Natural Reach

When a number pad is anchored to a keyboard, users are forced to adjust their position and may never find one that feels right. An external numeric keypad moves wherever you need it to. This allows you to place the keypad wherever it’s easiest and more natural to reach, whether that’s to the right, to the left, or in front of the keyboard.

Less Strain

A Goldtouch numeric keypad provides excellent tactile feedback, so there’s no need to press down too hard and strain your wrists and joints. Number lovers will enjoy that satisfying click as they’re crunching numbers.


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