Laptop Stands & Tablet Stands

Just about everywhere you go these days, you’re bound to see someone using a laptop or a tablet. Light, portable, and intuitive to use, these devices make it easy for us to work, read and play games anywhere we go, whenever we please.

Go! Travel Laptop and Tablet Stand (Aluminum)

Goldtouch laptop and tablet stands help create a mobile office environment to efficiently utilize the rest of our product line wherever you may be working. Our laptop stands and tablet stands are lightweight and no bigger than a tablet, specifically designed to blend in easily with your other portable devices without weighing down your bag.

  • Brings your screen to eye level
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made from aluminum, for extra durability

Laptop and Tablet Stands

Work with comfort and ease in the office or on-the-go with laptop and tablet stands from Goldtouch. An adjustable laptop/tablet stand will optimize the position of your screen, helping you to re-create the comfort of your home workspace wherever you go.

Goldtouch Go! Travel Laptop and Tablet Stand (Aluminum)
Goldtouch Go! Travel Laptop and Tablet Stand (Composite Resin)

Say goodbye to neck and back pain with the right office equipment.

Poor posture is a habit many fall into because they are hunching over their laptop screen and keyboard. This habit can lead to pains in the neck and back, an acute ailment or worse. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to straighten those backs and align those spines while using a laptop or tablet: a mobile, adjustable laptop stand or tablet stand.

Eliminate Poor Posture

It is nearly impossible to find a comfortable position when using a laptop because the original intent of the laptop was as a mobile device never intended for long-term use. Given the design of the human body, there is simply no position that will be ideal for both the keyboard and the screen when they are anchored together.

Ideal Working Position

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s desktop evaluation checklist defines the ideal working position as one that keeps the head facing straight ahead (not bending down or up), keeping the trunk at a 90 degree angle to the floor and shoulders and upper arms in line with the torso.

Reduce Back Pain

Hunching and craning can lead to a host of musculoskeletal problems from the neck down through the lower back. Poorly placed screens also dramatically increases the risk of developing eyestrain, which in turn can lead to tension headaches, blurry eyes, and double vision.

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