See what our customers have to say about some of our most popular Goldtouch products.

Goldtouch is thrilled to have loyal and dedicated customers. We take our product quality and customer service very seriously, and the feedback that we receive helps us shape our products for the future.

“As a Computer Science researcher who works on Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, my career involves heavily using mice and keyboards on a daily basis. Eight years ago, while working at MIT Lincoln Lab, I developed extremely painful repetitive-stress injury pains (ulnar nerve issues with wrist and elbow pains). After months of trying different ergonomic solutions from many companies, I finally tried Goldtouch accessories. I immediately found relief and have used their products ever since (V2 Keyboard and Ergonomic Comfort 24-degree Mouse). Now, as I work long hours trying to finish my PhD at Brown, I rely on Goldtouch to help make thesis writing as pain-free as possible. Truly, if I use a standard mouse or the built-in laptop keyboard for just a few hours, I immediately feel discomfort. For this reason, I love Goldtouch and will continue to recommend them to my friends and colleagues. Thanks!”

Chris T., Providence, RI

“I love my keyboard, I am extremely satisfied with your products and would recommend them to others. I did a lot of research on keyboards before purchasing yours and I feel it is the most comfortable keyboard. Thanks, I love it.”

Linda K., San Francisco, CA

“I had been having severe shoulder & neck pain along with headaches… after only 1 week of using this new keyboard, the pain disappeared.”

Christine, B., St. Louis, MO

“After having been burned by spending the money for the safe type keyboard (that was by far the most expensive mistake I’d made)… and other “ergonomic” keyboards… I decided to give this keyboard a shot. It is absolutely the best investment I made for myself to combat carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI.”

Louis H., Cambridge, MA

“I’ve been using Goldtouch keyboard for over 10 years and had to first get used to the split keyboard but once I did, my hand and wrist did not feel the strain they normally do to cause tendonitis in both arms. I ordered a new Goldtouch just last month (Dec.09) because my old one that I’ve been using for the past 5 years was having the space bar stick. The new GTN-0077 that I got is so much better! The keys are much softer to press than the original ones I had. It doesn’t make as much noise and I don’t have to press hard to type. This eliminates muscle strain in both hands. It’s almost like gliding on air. I absolutely love it!”

Henry W., Chicago, IL

“You guys have great products. I started to notice that after using my old keyboard for an extended period of time, my arthritis from an old football injury would flare up in my arms and shoulders. I decided to try the Goldtouch keyboard and have been thrilled with the results. The pain has disappeared and I don’t have to worry about the consequence of putting in some extra hours on the computer.”

Don S., New Orleans, LA