EasyLift – Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk

Elevate the overall health and productivity of your business with an adjustable standing desk converter designed for everyone.

Ergonomic standing desk with monitors

EasyLift Adjustable Standing Desk

At Goldtouch, we believe now is the time to welcome in the era of health and productivity. Upgrading your business to the EasyLift standing desk is a simple and cost-effective solution to the challenges that hinder a sedentary office space and prevent its employees from reaching their full potential.

  • EasyLift Adjustable Keyboard Tray
  • Variable Adjustment Height(s)
  • Transition from sitting to standing easily
  • Holds up to three screens
  • Power and cable management

EasyLift Desk & Accessories

Sitting all day raises your risk for heart disease, diabetes, back pain and other major issues, but you need your desk to do your job. The EasyLift Adjustable Standing Desk allows you to take charge of the way you work and be more effective than ever.

Ergonomic standing desk
Goldtouch EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Pro
Goldtouch EasyLift palmrest ergonomic wrist rest
Goldtouch EasyLift Palmrest – Magnetic Attachment for Keyboard Tray
Goldtouch tripp lite clamp mount surge protector
Tripp Lite Clamp-Mount Surge Protector
Goldtouch gel-filled round mouse pad in black
Goldtouch Gel-Filled Round Mouse Pad | Black

Benefits of the EasyLift Desk for Individuals and Businesses

Health and productivity go hand in hand. With healthy employees, a company saves money and time all while creating a generally better work environment for those responsible for the company’s success.

Decrease Back Pain

Lower back pain causes Americans at least 50 billion dollars in health care costs each year. The EasyLift Desk can help eliminate the poor posture that is responsible for 40% more pressure on the spine and leads to chronic pain.

Reduce The Risk of RSI’s

With the EasyLift Keyboard Tray that raises, lowers, and tilts, users can reach their ergonomic peak, reducing the risk of RSI’s like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonosis, tendonitis, Radial Tunnel Syndrome, and other debilitating work-related strains.

Increase Circulation

Standing in increments throughout the day also increases blood flow and circulation, and reduces the rate of aging at a cellular level. In fact, a recent study shows that sitting too much ages you by around eight years on the biological level.

Increase productivity

Healthy employees work harder and more efficiently. While this may seem like an obvious conclusion, recent studies back this proposition with scientific data. In a small study, workers who participated in a company sponsored health program increased their productivity by about 4% the following year.

Save money

Employees fighting back pain, RSIs, and the negative effects from sitting for too long produce less, miss more work, and generate greater costs in workers compensation claims. The healthier the employees are, the less money they cost the company in lost time, productivity, absenteeism, and worker’s comp claims.

Easy to install

The EasyLift Desk sits on top of an existing workstation, making installation simple and fast. It has never been easier to bring your business to a new height in both health and success.

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