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The Goldtouch Difference

Goldtouch products significantly decrease RSI rates and increase productivity, efficiency and creativity. They ensure that your employees can concentrate on being the most innovative, engaged, and productive workers around -- and that can only be good for your bottom line.

The right changes can lead to big results

worker at ergonomic workstationWhen it comes to strengthening the bottom line, CEOs and CFOs have a multitude of go-to strategies they rely upon. Sometimes the changes are massive and complex, like raising capital in the securities market. Some make aggressive moves and expand operations into new markets. Others retreat and slash budgets in order to make the numbers work.

Sometimes, however, the simplest changes can bring about the biggest results. For instance, take one client of ours that’s a big player in the Fortune 100 — we’re not here to name names, but we’re sure you’ve heard of them.

This company had a big problem. Every year they were losing millions of dollars in workers’ comp claims for what seemed like an impossible reason: repetitive strain injuries.

Together with Goldtouch, the company put together a comprehensive Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention initiative and the results were staggering: over the course of two years, the company’s annual workers’ compensation costs decreased from $27.7 million dollars to $14.3 million.

RSI cases fell by a whopping 71% over the same time frame. It’s no wonder that when polled after the initiative was done 94% of the participating employees said they would recommend the program to a colleague and 92% reported working more comfortably. The company was so impressed, they initiated a worldwide rollout of the Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard for every employee in their office. Today their entire workforce uses Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboards.

And they’re not alone: Goldtouch products are utilized by over 90% of the Fortune 1000 companies around the globe.

But there's a bigger moral to this story. The simple truth is that employees that are happy and comfortable tend to be more productive. In fact, more than 90% of business leaders say that promoting wellness in the workforce can affect employee productivity and performance in a positive way.

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What RSIs Cost Your Business

Your employees work hard, but RSIs work even harder to derail their work -- and the company’s profitability.

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What is a Repetitive Strain Injury?

You might think that Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) are just that thing that ergonomists go on about. But the truth is, RSIs like carpal tunnel syndrome cost businesses $80 billion each year in workers’ compensation claims and lost productivity.

That’s a scary stat, but it’s also a hopeful one, too. It means there’s a full $80 billion dollars out there that could benefit your bottom line rather than take away from it -- just as long as you take a few simple steps to turn it into a net gain rather than a loss.

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Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers' compensation claims for computer-related injuries cost an estimated $30.9 billion in 2008. This statistic captures only the direct worker’s compensation costs of these disabling injuries. When indirect costs are considered, which are estimated by experts to be anywhere from two to five times direct costs, the true cost to USA businesses is at $61.8 to $154.5 billion. According to OSHA, repetitive strain injuries are the nation’s most common and costly occupational health problem affecting office workers. In addition, OSHA reviews are costly and time intensive, often derailing productivity for days if not weeks on end.

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Lost Productivity and Lowered Creativity

When an employee has no choice but to work through pain, they’re distracted and therefore less productive. They compensate by typing and mousing in increasingly less than ideal ways, which only leads to further injury and pain down the line. They’re also less efficient and may even produce lower quality work. This is a big downside for companies and industries that are looking to situate themselves on the cutting edge. It’s hard to be creative or innovative when so much of an employee’s attention is focused on their pain.

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460,000 carpal tunnel release operations are performed each year, 47% of which are work related (National Center for Health Statistics). While these procedures have improved in recent years, they’re still costly and require recovery time for the employee. This lowers the affected worker’s productivity rate for weeks if not months at a time as they recover and rebuild muscles. Even more concerning, time out for surgeries can seriously derail the productivity of that employee’s team. Teammates must scramble to cover the absent employee’s workload, and often won’t be able to perform to the same level of expertise.

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Lack of Loyalty

Today’s most innovative companies know something that the rest don’t: employees perform better at work when they feel cared for. Providing employees with ergonomic equipment rather than forcing them to work through pain will make them feel listened to, supported, understood and empowered.

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The Goldtouch Difference

Goldtouch products significantly decrease RSI rates and increase productivity, efficiency and creativity. They ensure that your employees can concentrate on being the most innovative, engaged, and productive workers around -- and that can only be good for your bottom line. Here’s how we do what we do:

Customized Protection for Wrists and Forearms

Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards set the industry standard when it comes to preventing common RSIs like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • stacked view of office keyboardsSplit design: Goldtouch keyboards operate via a patented ball and lever system, which allows the user to pull the keyboard apart in the middle and find a neutral position for their wrists and hands. Unlike other ergonomic keyboards, which only offer one split position, Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards offer a full 0-30º of adjustments on the vertical and horizontal planes. This empowers every user, no matter how big or small, to find the perfect fit for them. See how easy it is to set-up and customize these ergonomic keyboards by watching this short video.
  • Optimal key position: Employees won’t have to struggle and strain to reach each key. And once they get there, keys are easy to press and de-press, so employees won’t exert more pressure than is absolutely necessary.

But we don’t just stop with keyboards. Goldtouch ergonomic mice support wrists and hands right where they need the most guidance.

  • No sliding of the wrist across the desk.
  • Hands will stay in the most neutral position possible.
  • No straining: Goldtouch ergonomic mice don’t require any straining of fingers, as buttons are easily within clickable distance.
  • A wide variety: Goldtouch mice come in a range of horizontal, vertical and ambidextrous mice to accommodate many different user preferences.

Not only are Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards and mice the perfect solution for individual users, but they’re also a great investment for a large workforce. Goldtouch ergonomic products come in a variety of styles that allow each user to select their preference for design. Keyboards adjust to fit each user, while mice come in a variety of sizes to accommodate users' varied hand sizes. There's a solution for everyone on the team.

Major Relief for the Neck and Upper Body

Today’s workers increasingly operate on tiny devices. This is great when it comes to convenience, but it’s a nightmare for our bodies. Screens that aren’t placed at the right distance can lead to Computer Vision Syndrome, a condition that causes blurred vision, headaches, and more. With laptops, screens anchored to keyboards make it impossible to place a laptop in a position that is ideal for both the wrists and the neck.

  • Laptop and tablet stands: Just pop a laptop onto the stand and raise or lower it until your employee’s neck is in a neutral position, looking neither up nor down. Then the user will just have to hook or sync their laptop up to a Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard for a complete desktop-like experience.
  • Monitor arms: For desktop users, Goldtouch monitor arms provide much the same solution. Just pop that screen into a monitor arm and they’ll be good to go!


On-the-Go Solutions

complete mobile, ergonomic computer workstationToday’s work increasingly takes place outside of the office. Road warriors work from planes and hotels. Contractors work from coffee shops. Your work-from-home army operates in home offices (or on the couch). Still, no matter where your employees work from, you still may be on the hook for ensuring the safety of their workspaces. Luckily, it just so happens that Goldtouch is a leader in mobile ergonomics. With Bluetooth mobile split keyboards, ergonomic travel mice, and tablet and laptop stands on offer, our products ensure that every user can achieve ergonomic comfort, no matter what strange places they’re working from.


Not Just for the Fortune 500

It’s not just Fortune 500 companies that reap massive benefits by partnering with Goldtouch. In fact, the fewer employees a company has, the bigger the overall impact implementing ergonomic solutions has on that company’s ability to thrive. In small companies, when one employee hurts, that has the potential to throw off not just a team’s productivity, but also the productivity of the entire company. That’s a big deal for small companies, where the ideas must be sharper, more creative, and more impactful in order to set that company apart.

Just take a look at these hard numbers:

Pie chart of absentee-days, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome represents an average of 25 absentee days per year.

When you invest those dollars with Goldtouch, you’re sure to get a return on investment that reaches further and deeper than anything you’ll see on the books -- though you’ll certainly see the impact there, too.

It's simple to start. Let us show you what a Goldtouch Ergonomic Program could do for your business. Just fill out the form below and a Goldtouch Specialist will be in touch.