Productivity through Prevention

Ergonomic Business Solutions

Employees look to you to safeguard their health and provide the tools for productivity. Stakeholders look to you for increasing revenue. Ergonomic business solutions make your workplace healthier and more productive to give you an edge.

More Money, Healthier Employees

If you’re a decision maker, the future of your business and your employees depends on you. The choices you make today directly affect the amount of money that comes in tomorrow. They also impact whether your employees like their job, have the ability to do it well, and even whether or not they stay mentally and physically healthy. Ergonomic business solutions are an investment in your business’ long-term success.

Think through some of the top challenges standing between you and your goals. You face budget issues. Staff turnover means high onboarding and training costs. Employees seem to take a lot of sick days and don’t seem to work to their full potential. You’ve tried aggressive budget cuts, bold strategy changes and employee wellness programs, but the gap just seems to widen between where you are and where you need to be.

What if a few simple changes could improve employee health, loyalty and productivity? Instead of working longer and harder, staff could just work better. Ergonomic business solutions bring better health to both your employees and your profit margins.

Standard Office Equipment Creates Health Risks

You would never knowingly place your employees in a toxic environment. If you knew there were health risks like hazardous chemicals, unsafe machines, or known carcinogens you would tell everyone to stay home until you removed them. It doesn’t make sense to stick with office equipment that causes physical and mental health issues, some of which are chronic and debilitating.

Make a mental list of the equipment your employees rely on to do their jobs. The obvious things that come to mind are desks, chairs, computer monitors, keyboards, mice and so on. Every employee works on similar equipment, but not every employee has the same body type. Day after day they’re straining their hands, arms, neck, back and other body parts to fit spaces not designed for them.

Injuries result, making standard office equipment a potential health hazard. Ergonomic business solutions like an ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse or ergonomic desk help remove the risk of workplace injury.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Standard office equipment can hurt your employees when it forces them to repeatedly move in unnatural ways. Their heads are locked in place to view a monitor. Shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands stay in uncomfortably stationary positions. The only movement is stooping, reaching and pounding on the keyboard, punctuated by stretching to use the mouse. They do it for hours, and the strains add up. It’s hard to be creative or innovative when so much of an employee’s attention is focused on their discomfort or pain.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says repetitive strain injuries (RSI’s) are one of the most frequently reported causes of lost or restricted work time. They recommend ergonomics to lessen muscle fatigue, increase productivity and reduce the number and severity of injuries.

An ergonomic mouse and ergonomic keyboard prevent strain and the resulting injury. If you make decisions for your business, your choice between standard equipment and ergonomic business solutions should be carefully considered when determining the company’s long-term success.

Ergonomic Business Solutions and Back Pain

If employees receive a back injury at work, they can’t work and you face worker’s compensation costs. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) provides these surprising facts and statistics:

  • Worldwide, back pain is the top causes of disability, preventing people from going to work and engaging in everyday activities.
  • Back pain results in around 264 million lost work days a year.
  • Lower back pain costs Americans at least $50 billion in healthcare alone. With lost wages and decreased productivity, that number climbs to $100 billion annually.
  • Ensuring a workstation is ergonomically correct helps prevent the onset of back pain.

The office equipment you choose could cause or prevent back injury and back pain. Poor posture from using a standard desk and chair causes drooping shoulders, a curved spine and strain in the neck, back and hips. When you choose ergonomic business solutions, you’re doing everything you can to avoid injury and support employee health.

When Stillness is Life-Threatening

If your business requires employees to sit for long periods, it could create an environment of subpar results. Being sedentary for hours changes your metabolism, weaken mental sharpness and creates chronic conditions like the following:

  • Obesity – Physical inactivity leads to weight gain. Obesity increases risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some types of cancer and other serious medical conditions.
  • Heart disease – Research supports a connection between high amounts of sedentary time and coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke.
  • Diabetes – Physical inactivity puts workers at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
    You could help your employees achieve their personal best at work with ergonomic business solutions.

Ergonomic Business Solutions and How They Help

The health problems can be cumulative and costly, but you can alleviate the symptoms of current conditions and prevent new ones from occurring. Here are some of the ergonomic business solutions that make it easy and cost-effective.

Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard

Regular keyboards cause repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel because employees must work with continually bent wrists, perform high keystroke repetitions, strike the keyboard forcefully, and go for long periods without resting hands and wrists.

Our ergonomic keyboards prevent injury with an innovative split design that adjusts to fit every body dimension. Ergonomic keyboards are meant to be adjustable. If It Isn’t Adjustable, It Isn’t Ergonomic.™ Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards offer a full 0-30 degrees of adjustments on the vertical and horizontal planes. Keys press easily to avoid forceful striking wrists and arms remain in a natural, relaxed position.

Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse

A regular mouse requires repeated stretching, twisting, and straining. Repetitive strain injuries occur in the shoulders, forearms, wrists, and hands. Our ergonomic mouse line has the perfect computer mouse for every worker. The whole unit is designed for the way the hand, wrist and elbow move that are more comfortable and productive, and the buttons are easily within clickable distance. Goldtouch mice come in a range of horizontal, vertical, and ambidextrous mice to accommodate many different user preferences.

Ergonomic Standing Desk

Boost productivity and avoid the health risks that go with a sedentary lifestyle with an ergonomic standing desk. Our EasyLift Adjustable Standing Desk allows workers to go from sitting to standing in seconds. Making this simple change in your workplace can eliminate poor posture, encourage weight loss, decrease back pain and reduce the risk of RSI.

Other Ergonomic Business Solutions

Create a complete ergonomic workstation with numeric keypads, laptop stands, monitor arms, mouse pads, wrist wrests and more. Each one is an investment in your company’s future.

At this point, you may be committed to improving employee health, but you’re worried about the cost. Ergonomic business solutions don’t cost your company money, they help you save it.

Ergonomic Business Solutions Increase Profit

When you choose ergonomic business solutions, that choice is good for both employees and revenue streams.

Back pain and repetitive strain injuries are two of the leading causes of time off work. Ergonomic office solutions prevent those injuries, so fewer workers call in. Productivity continues and the money you would have paid for sick days stays in your pocket.

Work From Anywhere

When employees work outside the office they also need the same level of efficiency and engagement as they do in the office and on the job. Goldtouch ergonomic business solutions like mobile split keyboards and ergonomic mice allow workers to use the same equipment in the office, on an airplane, at the coffee shop or in their living room.

Fewer Workers Compensation Claims

Workplace injuries cost money you could otherwise use to grow your business. Ergonomic business solutions reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, trigger finger, muscle strains and low back injuries, bursitis and other conditions that require extensive medical treatment.

You avoid the associated doctor bills, sick days, rehabilitation costs and potential lawsuits.

Reduced Worker Fatigue

Continual, low-grade pain makes you tired. Employees may not even realize how much it affects the amount of work they get done in a day.

When your neck hurts because of how you turn your head to see the monitor, you take breaks to look away. When your hands and shoulders hurt from all day at the computer, you don’t feel like going the extra mile. Early afternoon you start watching the clock to see when your shift is up. Ergonomic workstations keep that fatigue from occurring.

Innovation and Engagement

Fighting fatigue and blocking pain takes away the energy your employees might otherwise pour into innovation. You need employees that function at their peak to stay ahead of the competition. Ergonomic business solutions provide that edge.

It’s All Connected – And Up to You

You may not have realized the possible health risks employees face or how it’s cutting into your bottom line, but you do now. Standard office equipment can cause discomfort, pain, and other related health problems.  Those health problems more often than not lead to absenteeism, disengagement, worker’s compensation claims and reduced productivity. All those issues reduce your bottom line.

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I love my keyboard, I am extremely satisfied with your products and would recommend them to others. I did a lot of research on keyboards before purchasing yours and I feel it is the most comfortable keyboard. Thanks, I love it.

Linda K.San Francisco, CA

I had been having severe shoulder & neck pain along with headaches… after only 1 week of using this new keyboard, the pain disappeared.

Christine, B.St. Louis, MO

After having been burned by spending the money for the safe type keyboard (that was by far the most expensive mistake I’d made)… and other “ergonomic” keyboards… I decided to give this keyboard a shot. It is absolutely the best investment I made for myself to combat carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI.

Louis H.Cambridge, MA