Choosing the ideal ergonomic keyboard and mouse combo offers significant benefits. Relieve soreness in your wrists, prevent pain from repetitive strain injury, and work more productively!

How do you know what ergonomic keyboard and mouse to choose if you’re a first-time buyer? Keep reading as we’ll explain what to consider when choosing your ergonomic workspace setup. Plus, we’ll suggest starter bundles to get you working in comfort.

Key features to look for in an ergonomic mouse

Left or right handed

When you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse, you need to consider which is your dominant hand. You’ll need to carefully select either a left- or right-handed version so your hand angles the correct direction for optimum comfort. Or, opt for an ambidextrous mouse so that you can shift working time equally on both left and right hands.

Sloped or flat design

Mice come in different angles, from zero degrees, like our ambidextrous mouse, up to 90 degrees for a vertical design.

This is largely down to personal preference. Some people prefer a flat mouse, while others like a slight slope to match their hand’s natural position when mousing. Semi-vertical mice can help alleviate the ‘pinching’ motion that comes with completely vertical mice.

Wired or Wireless?

You can connect your ergonomic keyboard and mouse either via USB cable or going wireless with Bluetooth.

Going wire-free means your device will need to be Bluetooth-enabled (which most modern devices are) or you’ll need a separate receiver called a dongle. With Bluetooth, it’s easy to pair your keyboard or mouse to any device. Plus, it gives you greater freedom of movement around your workspace. Remember with Bluetooth keyboards, you will have to charge the device every couple of months and Bluetooth mice will need the batteries replaced generally every 6-9 months depending on usage.

Choosing a wired ergonomic keyboard and mouse is slightly less aesthetic if you’re a stickler for a minimalist desk) but there’s no need for a receiver or charging batteries, and you can simply plug and play.

Key features to look for in an ergonomic keyboard

Is it adjustable?

As we say at Goldtouch, If it isn’t adjustable, It isn’t ergonomic™. Does your keyboard adjust to fit your body? Some “ergonomic” keyboards are static and offer one fixed angle, but a true adjustable keyboard can split, tent, and splay. This means that using a lever, you can change the horizontal and vertical position of the keyboard body to find the comfortable angle you can relax your hand and wrist position when typing.

Key preference

Some people prefer scissor-switch laptop style keys, whereas others like rubber domed keycaps. The switches inside the keys can be mechanical or membrane, which offers a slightly different feel and sound. Some keyboards have a satisfying clicking sound when pressed, while others are whisper quiet. Choose the keyboard that feels the easiest to type on.

Best ergonomic mouse and keyboard combinations

Best on the commute

If you’re taking the train to work each morning and you like to get a head start, then choosing the Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard & Comfort Mouse ErgoSuite Bundle is a great combo for comfort and convenience.

They’re wireless, so there’s no tangled mess of cables in your laptop bag. The adjustable keyboard is full-sized with a flat, streamlined profile that’ll fit on the train table or fold down tray. The mouse offers a 24 degree slope for a relaxed position to minimize discomfort. Plus, the keyboard folds in half to stash away easily when you reach your destination.

Best for the office

For a solid keyboard and mouse combo that’ll keep you comfortable while you put in the hours at your desk, opt for the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard & Comfort Mouse ErgoSuite Bundle. The fully adjustable keyboard features soft-touch keys to relieve sore fingers, while the comfort mouse provides a gentle slope for a more natural feeling angle when mousing.

They’re USB powered, so plug them in and get straight to work — no drivers or complicated installation needed. And they work for PC and Mac!

Best when traveling

If you find yourself working from co-working spaces and hotel rooms, then the Goldtouch USB Go!2 Mobile Keyboard & Comfort Mouse ErgoSuite Bundle could be ideal.

It’s wired, so it’s easy to plug in and get working immediately with PC or Mac. The foldable design of the adjustable keyboard means it’s easy to travel with. Plus, the comfort mouse offers a lightweight mousing experience with a comfortable angle.

In Summary

When choosing an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, look out for key features, including:

  • Adjustable design
  • Comfortable angles
  • Scissor-switch or rubber domed keys
  • USB wired or Bluetooth wireless
  • Easy installation

The bundles we’ve suggested are a great place to start if you’re new to ergonomics, or if you have different preferences, why not create your own bundle on our website. Why not check out our other blog posts to learn more about desk ergonomics?