left handed mouse

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From the internet to the personal computer, the digital age has revolutionized the way we work, play, and gather and share information. But there’s one group of people that has been distinctly marginalized in this shift: left-handers. Whether you’re reaching over your keyboard to awkwardly punch numbers into an ill-placed keypad, or struggling to use a right-handed mouse with your non-dominant hand, left-handed people are constantly asked to accommodate a world that wasn’t made for them.

For years, the big device manufacturers refused to meet the needs of left-handed people as doing so wasn’t nearly as profitable as making mice for the majority. When they did begin to address this issue, it was with unsatisfactory solutions, like mice that could be used on either side of a computer, but that lacked any of the ergonomic support right-handed people could find easily with a few clicks off of a Google search page.

And that was the good scenario; in most offices, left-handed people were expected instead to be ambidextrous, using mice meant for right-handed users.

Sure, it’s true that some left-handed people can train themselves to be relatively ambidextrous…but why should you have to? Why waste all of that time and energy rewiring your brain when it could be spent innovating, creating, and just getting the job done?

That’s not even mentioning the fact that most left-handers won’t ever become as natural and fluid with their right hand as they are with their left. Why must left-handers find themselves relegated to a less efficient and often painful way of working? Why must left-handers put themselves at greater risk for injury and fatigue?

Ergonomics is For Everyone, Including Left-Handed Mice Users

Ergonomics is all about customization. By definition, it’s not an ergonomic product unless it’s strategically designed to fit a single user’s unique needs. That means that a right-handed mouse just isn’t going to cut it for a left-handed user, no matter how comfortable it looks.

At Goldtouch, we’re proud to offer the best, most comfortable left-handed mice on the market. These left-handed mice go right where you need them to so you can navigate without relying on your dominant hand. And it’s entirely ergonomic, too, so for once you’ll get to enjoy the same amount of support as your right-handed co-workers. Together, that means you’ll enjoy a more productive, comfortable, and efficient manner of working. You’ll prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) like carpal tunnel syndrome and have more brain power free to focus on getting the job done.

You deserve an ergonomic left-handed mouse built specifically with you in mind. Isn’t it time your equipment started adjusting to you?

Find your perfect left-handed ergonomic mouse, vertical mouse or ambidextrous mouse today and change the way you work!