Whether you spend long hours at work typing up reports or devote entire weekends to beating a computer game, supporting your wrists and forearms with an ergonomic mouse is key in the fight against carpal tunnel syndrome and related repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). An ambidextrous ergonomic mouse is especially important for gamers — and a rarity too, as ergonomic gaming mice are often only made for right-handers. With a Goldtouch ambidextrous ergonomic mouse, you’ll play for as long as you want to without having to worry about injury or pain.

Why Go Ambidextrous

An ambidextrous mouse will allow you to switch off mousing hands throughout a long gaming session. This means you’ll get all of the rest you need to keep your performance high and your experience pain-free. This will also help prevent injury, which can interfere not only with your gaming abilities but with any computing you might have to do at work. An ergonomic ambidextrous mouse takes comfort a step further, providing support to your wrists and hands as you play.

An ambidextrous mouse is also more versatile and customizable. This means these mice are an ideal solution for more social gaming sessions, as they allow you to outfit your guests with the mice they need to stay comfortable no matter what their dominant hand may be.

Who Benefits Most

Ambidextrous mice are great for outfitting an office, as they can be shared between employees and reused as people move in and out of the workspace. However, they are most ideal for gamers who put in long hours of clicking and need to switch hands to prevent fatigue. They are perfect for both left and right hand dominant players and will go a long way towards preventing repetitive stress injuries.

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