Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth WIreless Ergonomic Keyboard

GTP-0044W Go!2 Mac Compatible Ergonomic Keyboard

Mac products are known for their sleek, slim designs and their cutting edge looks, not to mention their easy to use functionality. But what they’re not known for? Ergonomic accessories. And while you may love that sleek, slim look, it’s rough on your body. All of that precise, pronated typing and touchscreen navigation can strain your wrists and hands, increasing your risk of developing a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Traditionally, there have been many ergonomic accessories available for PCs and less so for Macs, but not anymore! At Goldtouch, we offer ergonomic Mac keyboards and mice that will provide you comfort and prevent injury while complementing the look, style, ease and convenience of your favorite Apple products.

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What Goldtouch Ergonomic Mac Keyboards and Mice Can Do For You

Take a moment right now to look down at your hands as they type. Notice anything? If you’re working on a flat Macbook keyboard, your hands are likely tilted out to the side, putting pressure on your wrists.

Instead, what you really want is for your hands and wrists to remain in a straight, neutral position — and there’s just no way to this without an ergonomic mac keyboard, which pulls apart in the middle so that you can find the most natural angle for you. Ergonomic mac keyboards also tilt vertically, so that you can type with your hands floating over the board, rather than straining too far up or down.

Comfort and Mobility Go Hand in Hand

Goldtouch wired ergonomic keyboards are fully compatible with both Macs and PCs, so if you’ve got a dual use office or family, you’re in luck. We also offer a Mac wireless keyboard and mouse with Bluetooth technology, so you can work entirely wire-free. All of our ergonomic keyboards for Mac are slim, fully compatible with mobile devices, and can be easily folded up, slipped into a laptop bag and carried along wherever you go. Together, these features mean you’ll get all of the comfort and support you need, while still enjoy that lightweight, mobile Mac existence.

Are you more of the number crunching type? Our numeric keypad is fully mac compatible and offer scissor switch technology, so you can enjoy full tactile feedback. And because it’s separate from your attached keyboard, you can place it wherever is most comfortable, rather than straining to reach it.

Ergonomic comfort and the Apple ecosystem — what could be better? Browse our ergonomic keyboards for Mac today!