Miscellaneous FAQ’s On Our Ergonomic Products and Services

Below are answers to our most commonly asked support questions. To reveal an answer, simply click on the question. If you need additional assistance please contact us at support@goldtouch.com.

Common Beginner Bluetooth Questions

For those of you that are new to Bluetooth and would like to understand how it works, look no further! Think of your integrated Bluetooth Radio as a Radio Tower and your Bluetooth Device as a car Radio, in reverse. The Radio Tower is the main input device into your computer while your Bluetooth Devices are transmitting information to the tower, your Bluetooth Radio. The commonality between these scenarios is that in both cases — the tower and your Bluetooth Radio — are the most important factors in determining how your devices are working and responding. Your car radio would not work properly if the radio station you were listening to had a bad transmission tower. The same is true of your computer if it has an improperly functioning radio due to faulty and outdated drivers — your paired devices will not work properly. This is why the most common causes for Bluetooth related performance issues on Windows Operating System are outdated system drivers.

Make sure if your system has an integrated Bluetooth Radio that you have the latest OEM drivers installed. These Drivers are available on your computer manufacturer’s site. We have a few of them listed here for quick access. Please note that Windows Update will not identify or install these drivers, they must be downloaded directly from your computer manufacturer’s support site.

We have some very good videos on Bluetooth Basics that are available on our Support Site:

Bluetooth Basics 1: Intro to Bluetooth and Radio Drivers

Bluetooth Basics 2: Updating drivers and power management

Bluetooth Basics 3: Troubleshooting Bluetooth on a Mac

Also we have some specific instructional and troubleshooting videos on pairing Bluetooth Keyboard and Mice to your PC or Mac:

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to Windows 10
How to pair your Go!2 Mobile Keyboard with Mac OS

How to pair your Bluetooth mouse in Windows 10
How to pair your Bluetooth mouse in Mac OS

See our Support Page FAQs for more information on how to update your computer’s Bluetooth Drivers or email support@goldtouch.com for further information.

Windows Bluetooth Device Troubleshooting

Two things can cause the most common Bluetooth Issues, your Bluetooth Radio Drivers and your Power Management Settings. If you are experiencing key stuttering, key buffering, lag, repeats or other strangeness, that usually indicates the Bluetooth Radio Drivers on your system. If your devices randomly disconnect and will not re-connect without a system reboot or turning off and back on the peripheral devices, Power Management is the culprit. Power Management settings may also contribute toward lagging and unusual behavior if you are allowing your Bluetooth Radio to sleep. The 3 steps below outline Bluetooth Driver updates, pairing and Power Management Settings.

Step 1)

Validate current Bluetooth Radio Drivers and proper BT Radio function. To do this – Check your Device Manager settings in Control Panel.
You should see the following under Bluetooth Radios. If you are using a 3rd party Bluetooth Dongle you will see Generic Bluetooth Radio and Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator. If your system has integrated Bluetooth you will see your “OEM/Bluetooth Radio Driver” rather than Generic Bluetooth Driver. In either case, you should see a Bluetooth Radio and the Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator. Check the driver version under Driver Details.

Please note that Windows Update or Search for latest drivers will not identify the right OEM drivers for your system (i.e., Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc). Therefore clicking Update Driver in Device Manager view will not identify the right OEM drivers for your system. Windows only looks to see if it has a better driver embedded in the original Windows install files or on Microsoft’s support site.

Validate current Bluetooth Radio Drivers

Step 2)

Make sure “Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power” is NOT checked on the Bluetooth Radio (Below)

verify Bluetooth settings are correct

Step 3)

Pairing Process (You may or may not have to re-pair after Bluetooth Radio Driver updates.)
Pair the keyboard, This can take up to 60 seconds. If you do not wait for the drivers to update, the device will be visible but will not work.

  1. Turn on keyboard, Make sure the slider switch on the back of the keyboard is set to PC mode, not Mac mode.
  2. Press the Connect button on the back of the keyboard, the blue pairing light on the keyboard status bar will blink when the keyboard is in pairing mode.
  3. Immediately after pressing the Connect button on the keyboard, Click Add A Device Under Devices and Printers.
  4. Choose the Goldtouch Bluetooth Keyboard when it appears on the screen, click Next.
  5. Once your PC has recognized the device, you will be presented with a pairing code. Enter the pairing code on the GTP-0044W Bluetooth keyboard and press Enter on the GTP-0044W.
  6. Please allow time for your system to automatically install the proper drivers for your new keyboard. This can take up to 60 seconds. If you do not wait for the drivers to update, the device will be visible but will not work.

Your computer will report, “The Device Has Been Successfully Installed” at that point you may proceed.

Step 4)

Next, Under the Keyboard devices. Note you may see more than one keyboard listed if your system has another keyboard connected…Make sure that all devices under this sections are set for Allow This Device to Wake the computer..

Make sure that Allow this device to wake the computer IS checked….

match keyboard settings with Bluetooth

How can I tell if my device is equipped with Bluetooth technology?

If you aren’t sure your device is equipped with Bluetooth technology, you may check your computer or device for Bluetooth capability in the Wireless and Network or Devices sections of your specific system. This will vary depending on the type of device you have, and the operating system. Please see your system documentation for specific instruc- tions for checking Bluetooth capability.
If your computer has integrated Bluetooth and it is turned on —–when you go to your Task Bar you should see the Bluetooth Devices icon, which looks like this:  . If you don’t see this icon on the task bar, then your radio receiver is likely turned off or your computer does not have integrated Bluetooth capability. Many laptop computers have an On/Off switch to turn your wireless support on, please ensure the switch is in the On position. There is usually a slider switch on the front or side of the laptop.
If you do not have native Bluetooth support, you may purchase our Optional Goldtouch Bluetooth USB Dongle available on our website or through our Reseller Channel. DO not use this Optional Bluetooth Dongle if your computer or device already has native Bluetooth support as it will interfere with your system’s native receiver. A system will only support one Bluetooth Receiver. Bluetooth technology supports the connection of many Bluetooth devices, one-to-many, which is different than the older 2.5Ghz wireless technology which required a dongle for each wireless device.

Please ensure that your computer or device has the latest Bluetooth Receiver drivers which should be available from your device Manufacturer’s website.

How do you use the Print Screen function?

For GTN, GTU, GTP and GTS models press the ALT + PrtScr keys to capture/copy, press the CTRL + V keys to paste.

For model numbers beginning in KFK, press the FN and PrtScr (which is located on the F11 key) + ALT. To paste the Screenshot use CTRL + V.

How do you use the Pause Break function?

Press the FnLock key on the lower left corner. Then you may use the Pause/Break function. Be sure to press FnLock again once you have completed your task, otherwise the right side of the keyboard will be in numeric mode, typing numbers instead of letters.

For model numbers beginning in KFK, press the Fn key on the upper right hand side (next to the F12 key) and pause break located on the F12 key.

I have a musculoskeletal disorder. Will the Goldtouch products help?

Many factors may contribute to musculoskeletal disorders. It is important to pay close attention to proper work station set-up. Pay close attention to hand and wrist postures and comfort when using the products and take frequent rest breaks or rotate tasks to avoid over intensive use. It also is important to consider the effects of non-computer related activities, and individual factors that may be affecting one’s health.

If you experience discomfort, pain or other symptoms like weakness, numbness, tingling or swelling, either while using your Goldtouch products, or at other times, do not ignore these signs. Don’t assume or hope they will go away. Consult a qualified health professional. Many minor musculoskeletal disorders can be effectively treated at an early stage before they progress to more long-term injuries.

For more information see our videos at www.goldtouch.com/videos and check out The New Simple series under General Info. Be sure to look at “The New Simple, Part 2: Setting up your Goldtouch keyboard” to be sure you have your keyboard adjusted correctly.

What is Goldtouch’s warranty?

Please see our RMA webpage for returns and Warranty details.


Is Goldtouch a public company?

No, Goldtouch is a privately held company.

Does Goldtouch ship internationally?

Please see our Resellers Page to locate a Reseller or Distributor in your geographic area.

If there are no Resellers in your location, Goldtouch does ship to countries other than the USA. Shipping charges and delivery time for countries other than the US vary. Please contact Goldtouch for a quote for shipping the respective Goldtouch products to you. Please remember that you are responsible for all taxes/ duties and other customs requirements.

How do I return my product to Goldtouch

Products should be returned to place of purchase for Warranty replacement. Please visit our returns page for details regarding our return policies.

Does the mouse pad/platform come in a left-handed version?

Yes, the mouse pad/platform is designed for left or right-handed use.

What is the Goldtouch Mousing Pad/Platform made of?

The Goldtouch Mousing Platform is made of dual textured stress-dispersing gel, with a Lycra cover providing excellent track ability.

What are the sizes of the Goldtouch Mousing Pad/Platform?

The Mousing Platform is approximately 8.5 inches wide by 10 inches long and 1 inch deep.

What are the Goldtouch Wrist Rests (Palm Supports) made from?

The Goldtouch Wrist Rests (Palm Supports) are made of dual textured stress-dispersing gel, with a Lycra covering.

Why are there two Wrist Rests (Palm Supports)?

Two Wrist Rests (Palm Supports) allow you to move the wrists as you adjust the Goldtouch Adjustable keyboard. Hence as the height or splay angle of the keyboard changes, you may adjust the position of the wrist rests in order to maintain a comfortable position.

What are the sizes of the Goldtouch Wrist Rests (Palm Supports)?

Each wrist rest is around 7 inches long, 3 inches wide, .75 inches high. (Remember that there are two of them)

Should I rest my wrists on the Palm Supports while typing?

No. The Wrist Rests are designed for use in between typing. They are designed for use while resting not while typing.

How do you get ASCII characters on a Goldtouch Keyboard?

Engage the Embedded keypad on keyboard:

  1. Activate the embedded keypad on the keyboard by pressing Num Lock on the keyboard
  2. Hold down the Alt key
  3. Enter the ASCII code using the embedded keypad on the keyboard’s right side
  4. Release Alt