Numeric Keypads FAQs


Below are answers to our most commonly asked support questions on our ergonomic numeric keypads. To reveal an answer, simply click on the question. If you need additional assistance please contact us at

Where can I get drivers for the keypad?

The Goldtouch Keypad is a WHQL Certified, Plug and Play device. Windows will automatically detect the device and install the proper Microsoft drivers. The Mac versions of the keypad (GTC-MACW or GTC-MACB) are also natively supported by the Operating System.

Which operating systems are supported?

Goldtouch PC USB Numeric Keypad
The Goldtouch Numeric Keypad supports Windows PC as well as various flavors of LINUX and UNIX without requiring 3rd party drivers.

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 10
Linux, UNIX

***Not compatible with the Goldtouch for Mac Keyboard. Do Not Plug your USB Goldtouch Keyboard into the USB Keypad. Your PC will not recognize it.

Goldtouch Mac USB Numeric Keypad
The Goldtouch Numeric Keypad supports Mac systems only. Mac systems do not require a Numlock Key to operate. Because these keypads do not have Numlock keys, these keypads will not work on non-Mac devices.

Mac Operating System 10.4 and newer.

I think I may have a Defective Key.

If the key is not producing any characters or the wrong character, the Keypad may be defective. Please test the Keypad on another computer system and if it is still experiencing the same results, Please Email Support for further assistance.

My Numlock on Keypad enables Numlock on my keyboard, or, Numlock on my Keyboard enables Numlock on my Keypad. What can cause this?

We designed our Keypad and Keyboards to function together, but only when connected with like connections, e.g., USB Keypad and USB Keyboard, or PS/2 Keypad and PS/2 Keyboard.

If the keypad and keyboard are connected using mismatched connection types, both the keyboard and keypad will function improperly. For best results, please match connections types when using both the Goldtouch Keypad and Goldtouch Keyboards.

If you have like connectors, and are using both a Goldtouch Keyboard and Goldtouch Keypad, in most cases this Numlock behavior is caused by one of two problems:

1) A problem with the computer’s BIOS, check your computer manufacturer’s website to see if there is a System BIOS update. Do not attempt to do a system BIOS update unless you are an experienced IT person. We are not responsible for any issues that may arise and cannot assist with the installation of the BIOS update.

2) If the Numlock key is turning on the feature of the other unit it can be the result of the user plugging the keyboard into the keypad’s side panel USB port, or plugging the keypad into the keyboard’s USB port (older GT keyboard Models only). The keyboard and keypad should be seen as separate and independent devices by your computer and should have no interaction with the other device. The Keyboard and Numeric Keypad’s Numlock feature work completely independently of each other. Do not attempt to plug the keyboard into one of the USB ports located on the sides of the USB keypad, as these ports are intended only for low power devices, like mice, USB memory sticks, or powered USB devices. Doing so may cause the keyboard and keypad to malfunction. Plug the Keyboard and Keypad directly into their own USB ports on your computer.

Description of Normal Numlock behavior:

Keyboard Numlock (ON) = the 10 key on the keyboard will be ON; Right side of the keyboard will become a 10 key numeric keypad.

Keyboard Numlock (OFF) = 10 Key on the keyboard will be OFF; Keyboard will function normally.

Keypad Numlock (ON) = 10 key on the keypad will be ON; Numbers will function

Keypad Numlock (OFF) = 10 key on the Keypad will be OFF; Directional pad will be ON

When I press a number key on my keypad, the Numlock light blinks on my Keyboard, is this normal?

The only “interaction” you should ever see between the your keyboard and keypad is you will note the numlock light blinking on the keyboard when pressing a key on the keypad.    It is actually normal for the Numlock light to blink on the keyboard when pressing a key on an external keypad.     Any external numeric keypad does a buffering process with your computer and OS so that it does not conflict with other devices that have numeric keypads.  You will notice when you press a number on an external keypad that you will see a message on your computer screen, NUMLOCK On, quickly followed by Numlock Off when the key is released.    Likewise, your keyboard is also reporting this input when the light comes on and goes out.    The Numlock light coming on momentarily on the keyboard is simply a reporting response to the input on the keypad, it is not adding any functions or commands, only reporting what it is “seeing”.    All keyboards with a numeric keypad will respond exactly the same way. If the NUMLOCK light is staying on and leaving the keyboard in Numlock mode, that is another issue unrelated to the above FAQ description.

My Keypad is beeping, what is causing this behavior?

Check your sound profile in Control Panel. It is likely set up to “beep” on toggle keys – caps lock, Numlock, when activated or inactivated. Therefore, the numeric keypad interprets that as it should beep every time you press a key.

Can I use a Mac Keypad on a PC, or Use a PC Keypad on a Mac?

Because each keypad has firmware specifically for the proper Operating System and Hardware function, the keypads cannot be interchanged.   While some functions may work properly, generally, you will have issues with the PC version of the keypad on a Mac or the Mac version of the keypad on PC.   Certain functions will not work properly, particularly in Excel.  Additionally, the Mac keypad does not have a NUMLOCK key so it cannot be “Turned On” on a PC.

We recommend a Mac version if you have a Mac and a PC version if you have a PC.   The PC versions are, GTC-0077 (Black) or GTC-0033 (White) and the Mac versions are GTC-MACB (Black) or GCT-MACW (White)

What can I plug into those USB ports on the side of the Keypad?

If you are connecting a USB numeric keypad in conjunction with a Goldtouch keyboard, be sure to connect both devices directly to your computer’s USB Port. For correct operation, the numeric keypad must be plugged directly into the computer for installation, but can be connected through a powered hub once the drivers have been installed.

Plugging devices into the keypad other than very low power devices like a USB memory stick causes power consumption in excess of the power available via a USB port (5VA). This is a USB power limitation, not a specific limitation of the device.

USB ports have limited power available so when you plug in or chain two higher power devices to a single USB Port (like a keypad and a keyboard), you will exceed the available power of your computer’s USB port which will generally cause both devices to malfunction or fail.

Do not attempt to plug the keyboard into one of the USB ports located on the sides of the USB keypad, as these ports are intended only for low power devices, like mice or USB storage drives. Doing so may cause the keyboard and keypad to malfunction.

I just upgraded to Windows 7 and now my keypad doesn’t work?

The Goldtouch keyboards and keypads are WHQL Certified, Plug and Play devices. Windows will automatically detect the device and install native Microsoft drivers so you don’t need to worry about specific drivers for Windows 7.

The keypads produced prior to December 2007 do have an issue with Windows 7. The way to tell the production date of the keypad is fairly simple. The first two digits are the week produced and the second pair of digits is the year produced. So for example. 1st two digits, 08 indicates a week 8 production, and the second pair of digits, 11 indicates a 2011 production date. If your keypad was produced prior to 0808 (February 2008), it will not work with Windows 7.

This issue was resolved with a firmware update needed for proper response to Windows 7.

The symptoms of this issue are sluggish key response, double characters, or having to hit a key several times before getting a response. We have a special trade-in program for users that have these older keypads and have upgraded to Windows 7. There is no firmware update available as the firmware is burned onto the ROM of these units.