Ergonomics in The Workplace Case Study Compilation

The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard

The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard

How the Goldtouch Standard Keyboard can be a Profit Center for your Business

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Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI’s) are affecting an increasingly larger percentage of the workforce. RSI injuries can range from minor discomfort, tingling fingers, sore wrists, stiff neck and tennis elbow to serious disabilities and everything in between. RSI has become a significant cost of doing business and a diverse range of companies representative of a broad base of industries are confronting the root of the problem by implementing preventative repetitive stress initiatives.

The results of some of these initiatives, as discussed in this paper, are very compelling and the companies involved represent today’s leaders in this field. As will be discussed in this paper, the heart of the solution to RSI related issues is in the selection of the right tools for work; specifically, the keyboard. Study after study will demonstrate that the adjustable, split keyboard design is at the center of the solution.

It will also be shown that the Goldtouch keyboard design has shown to be superior to its competitors in test after test, not only in reducing the causes of RSI, but also in increasing employee overall productivity.

Key Points:

  • 25% of all office worker are effected to some extent by RSI and for every one case reported there are thirteen cases not reported (as reported by the state of Connecticut)
  • Users who work on a computer as little as 20 minutes per day may experience injury
  • Companies who implemented initiatives experienced:
    • 60% cost reduction in direct workers compensation cost with RSI intervention
    • 50% of their employees who had previously experienced RSI discomfort showed reduced discomfort after intervention
  • Independent studies have consistently demonstrated Goldtouch keyboards are superior over competitive products in reducing the risks of repetitive stress injuries
  • Independent studies have shown that the design of Goldtouch keyboards have over time increased employee productivity
  • Independent studies have also shown that the design of the Goldtouch is intuitive enough that users can adapt to it more quickly with less of a learning curve than other alternative or fixed split designs.
  • The return on investment supports a convincing argument of the economic value of ergonomic interventions
  • The Regulatory Environment is becoming more involved in the solution and demanding a more proactive approach to the problem


Direct workers’ compensation costs in the United States for ergonomics-related injuries are estimated at $30.9 billion, according to the 2008 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. The Index captures only the direct worker’s compensation costs of these disabling injuries. When indirect costs are considered, which are estimated by experts to be anywhere from two to five times direct costs, the true cost to USA businesses is at $61.8 to $154.5 billion.

Case Studies

Find more case studies in our full report PDF.

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