Can a single style of keyboard work for everybody?

Ever heard of the saying, “One size fits no one?” If so, it probably makes you think of clothing — gloves that are too big for some but too small for others, or a t-shirt that looks baggy and shapeless no matter what body frame it adorns. But if a one-size-fits-no-one mentality is bad for fashion, it’s even worse when it comes to the devices workers rely on day in and day out in the office setting.

Keyboards that come packaged with computers and laptops are particularly damaging, as employees use them repetitively throughout the day in less than ideal positions. In order to type on the flat, straight design workers must splay their hands out to the side, putting pressure on their wrists, forearms, and elbows. In the long term, this can lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) like carpal tunnel syndrome, and a range of related musculoskeletal disorders that will keep employees focused on their pain rather than the task at hand.

Split keyboards are a simple solution for customizing an employee’s experience behind the desk. A split keyboard pulls apart in the middle so that employees can find the perfect fit for them. These keyboards can be adjusted on both a vertical and a horizontal angle, until the given employee can approach the keyboard with a completely neutral wrist position. And because Goldtouch ergonomic split keyboards are fully adjustable rather than anchored like other split keyboards, a single model is appropriate for an entire workforce.

Even better, these keyboards have a low profile and fully responsive keys, so employees will only exert as much force as needed when typing. And with wireless ergonomic keyboards available, desks can be entirely clutter free.

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Are Split Keyboards Right For My Organization?

From solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, split keyboards provide excellent solutions for any organization with a workforce that spends a significant portion of its time behind a desk. Ergonomic split keyboards will prevent problems from arising, and can help reduce symptoms before they worsen even further — all by helping employees find the arm and hand positions that are best suited for the bodies and typing styles.

For solo workers and small businesses, split keyboards are an important investment that will ensure you and your small workforce doesn’t miss a beat due to pain or distraction. For major companies, split keyboards will benefit your bottom line by increasing your productivity rates, encouraging more efficient working, and keeping workers compensation claims at bay.

The real question? Who wouldn’t benefit from a split keyboard?

Top Benefits

Ergonomic split keyboards can have a major positive impact on your organization. Let’s take a look at just a few benefits you can expect to see.

  • Prevent or reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. By alleviating pressure on wrists and joints, split keyboards guide employees into their “perfect fit,” thereby reducing the likelihood that they will develop an RSI.
  • Reduce absenteeism. Employees that remain healthy and uninjured will be less likely to take sick days due to pain. Nor will they require days off for surgery and recovery to treat an RSI.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency. Employees that are focused on the task at hand rather than on their pain will simply be better at their jobs, with more of their mind and energy free to apply to creativity and innovation. They will also work more efficiently, rather than in roundabout ways to compensate for their injuries.
  • Increase employee retention rates. Employees that feel cared about will stick around, ensuring that any training you give them will not be wasted with a high turnover rate.
  • Avoid OSHA penalties. OSHA regulations require that employees look after the health and safety of their employees. Providing ergonomic equipment like split keyboards is an essential part of this, and can help employers avoid penalties and suits.

Taken together, there are many reasons why an ergonomic split keyboard is one of the best preventative purchases an employer can make — and of the best things your organization can do for your bottom line. Find your keyboard, or contact a Goldtouch Enterprise Specialist today.