How did you do?

The 30 days are up and we had tons of fun getting to know our promoters and new fans. In case you missed it, January was the first year of our 30 Day Ergonomic Challenge, or #Ergo30. How did your 30 day trial go? Or are you looking to do one sometime this year? February might have 28 days, but you can start the 30 day challenge anytime.

Check out the images below for a recap of the 30 days, tweets, posts, and Instagrams.

Not Now Mom’s Busy

Corina Ramos Picture

Corina tried out the Goldtouch Comfort Mouse and Gel Mousepad. She has a history of issues with her wrists:

I’ve been typing throughout my 20 years in the workforce so I’m no stranger to carpal tunnel symptoms.

Corina started on her journey on Twitter sharing her experiences throughout the month. She was really interested in some of the stats about how ergonomic products impacted work life and we were very happy to provide a few like:

50% of their employees who had previously experienced RSI discomfort showed reduced discomfort after intervention.

Corina Ramos Ergo 30

Corina Ramos Testimonial

Corina Ramos

We would like to congratulate her winner, Brenda Lee. Brenda, we would love to hear from you once you get a chance to try out the new items!

Fit is a Feminist Issue

Tracy joined us by trying out a keyboard and even did some of the #Ergo30 tips as well.

Feminist Fitness Twitter ergo30 post 3

It was so great having her insight from the health sector. From Tracy’s introduction post, you can see why we thought she would make a great fit:

Have you ever had an ergonomic assessment? I have, and it was a great way to get my workstations (home and office) set up for me after a neck injury following a car accident five years ago. I still suffer from upper back, shoulder and neck fatigue and am always looking for ways to improve my set-up.

To help her with these issues, we sent her the Go!2 Mobile Keyboard.

Feminist Fitness picture of keyboard

Feminist Fitness Twitter ergo30

Congratulations to her winner, Trynia Kaufman. Trynia, let us know what you think when you get your keyboard. We are here to help!

Feminist Fitness Twitter ergo30 post 2

Final Tracy Post

Jerod Morris

Jerod works as the Direct of Marketing at Copyblogger and has is own initiative, Primility. This is a guy that knows what it means to be mobile and really cares about health.

Jerod Morris Twitter ergo30WE think Jerod has the best reason for trying out the challenge. While he didn’t have major problems just yet, he was worried about the future.

I’ve noticed recently that when I work long hours from home on my laptop, the near-constant staring downward puts a strain on my neck. And as I quickly lose spring chicken status with my 33rd birthday now almost a half year in the rearview, the fear of neck and back pain as I age becomes more acute.

Jerod wanted to try a mobile bundle, the Goldtouch Laptop Stand and Go!2 Keyboard. We think he has a really great setup (images below) and really happy the challenge worked out for him. We will report on his winner when we hear who was chosen.

Jerod Morris Twitter picture

He even traveled during the challenge and had some comments and images from the trip using his new mobile setup.

Jerod Morris Twitter ergo30 post 2

Jerod Morris Twitter picture

Jerod Final Thoughts


Thanks to everyone that participated. Let us know if you know anyone that would like to do this next year. Could it be you? Comment and let us know!

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