Goldtouch is attending the 20th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference 2017!

Excited about the Applied Ergonomics Conference this month at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort? So are we! At Goldtouch, we’re looking forward to showcasing our latest and greatest products. The following are a taste of what you’ll find at our booth.

Semi-Vertical Mouse at Applied Ergonomics ConferenceSemi-Vertical Mouse

Just released this fall, the Semi-Vertical Mouse is our newest product. A mix between a traditional ergonomic mouse and a vertical mouse, this product has the appeal of a vertical mouse without the additional stress on your thumb and fingers when clicking. This reduction in stress can help you avoid pinched muscles and nerves.

V2 Keyboards

The V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard gives you the freedom to adjust it 0-30° horizontally and vertically. A one-size-fits-all solution, this keyboard is ideal for shared computers or for supplying an entire office. Not only does it help you straighten your wrists properly, but it’s fully compatible with PCs, plugs in via USB, and includes a PS2 connector.

Laptop and Tablet Stands

For someone constantly on the go, a laptop and tablet stand can do wonders. An adjustable stand allows you to comfortably recreate your workspace whether you’re at home, at your desk, or in a meeting. That means no more hunching over, which can help you avoid soreness in your neck and shoulders. Made from aluminum, the Goldtouch Go! Travel Laptop and Tablet Stand can easily support up to 17-inch laptops, has seven different incline positions, and only weighs one pound.

Dynafly Monitor Arms

Do your employees enjoy standing desks? Or are you thinking about adding one to your cubicle or home office? Don’t forget to get adjustable monitor arms. While a standing desk is great, getting adjustable monitor arms for a computer can ensure that your monitor is at the right viewing level for you or your employees. Not only is height adjustment an important feature of the Dynafly Monitor Arms, but you can also adjust focal distance and tilt angle as well.

Whether you’re looking for ergonomic solutions for your business or for personal use, be sure to swing by the Goldtouch booth (#416) and check out the products above as well as other ergonomic solutions!