Writing To Do List Office InefficienciesEvery morning, it’s the same thing. We arrive in our offices, determined that today will be the day we get a ton done. And then suddenly it’s lunch time. Then it’s email checking time. And then it’s 6PM and look at that, it’s time to go home. Good intentions or not, office inefficiencies are a fundamental part of every employee’s workday. However, with a few hacks, they can be easily overcome. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common office inefficiencies and strategize a few ways to deal with them.

1. Losing Track of the Big Picture.

There’s no faster way to get off track than losing sight of why you’re working on a big project anyway. Sometimes, this can lead to working on a million sub-projects or tasks that don’t do as much to contribute to the overall project as you’ve convinced yourself. Other times, it means feeling totally demoralized when you see how many more tasks you have yet to complete. Whatever the root cause, losing track of the big picture is often at the heart of much procrastination. To overcome this problem, make visualizing your end goal a daily habit. Print out a photo of the final product mockup, look at the projected increased revenue stream your project will bring, or think about the new target audience you’ll finally be able to access. The bigger the project, the more need you’ll have for this kind of grounding.

2. Working in Pain.

Sure, you’ve used the same old keyboard for years so you know how it works, but if you go home every night rubbing your wrists and elbows, chances are that keyboard may not be as conducive to productivity as you think. Swapping that one out for an ergonomic keyboard will greatly reduce your chances of developing a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) like carpal tunnel syndrome. This will make for a much more comfortable and productive daily work experience, and it will also help you work with little pain for years to come.

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3. Listening to Other People’s Conversations.

In the office, it’s impossible not to overhear your coworkers’ conversations. This is distracting to say the least, and it can seriously inhibit your ability to get anything done. To overcome this frustration, investing in a good pair of noise canceling headphones is a must.

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How do you stay productive on the job? Let us in on your best tips in the comments below.