Whether they’re booking tickets, scheduling clients, fixing the copier, taking verbatim notes or doing a million crucial tasks around the office, your administrative professionals keep the office humming — all while offering a comforting ear and a whole heap of candy when anyone in the office has had a rough day. And yet often, so many of these contributions go unseen. That’s why it’s so important to make a big deal about your admins all the time. Especially on Administrative Professionals Day.

This year it falls on April 27th, which means there’s still time to prep for a day to remember. Here are a few great ways to do it up right.

1. Give a Gift

Giving Flowers Administrative Professionals Day

The most obvious — and some would say, the most desired — way to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day is to give your admins a gift they’ll really enjoy. Flowers are always a great go-to, especially if you know his or her favorite kind. Alternatively, have the office chip in for a spa day. Those hardworking admins can work out some of those knots that accumulate as they sit all day helping other people. Or, encourage them to have a little fun by having dinner and maybe even a movie on the company. Acknowledging that your admins have a life outside of the office and that they deserve a little relaxation will go a long way towards demonstrating your appreciation.

2. Make the Everyday Less Painful With Ergonomic Products

clean desk and office

While most of today’s office workers — and much of today’s workforce — spend their days behind a desk, few do more so than administrative professionals. All of that typing, mousing, peering over screens, and cradling of phones can do serious damage to an administrative professional’s body and well-being.

You can show you care by outfitting your administrative professionals’ workspaces with all they need to work comfortably throughout the day. A split, adjustable ergonomic keyboard like the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard will ensure your administrative professional can type in the manner that’s most suited to their body. Pair it with an ergonomic mouse, a monitor arm or a laptop and tablet stand, and a headset, and your administrative professional is sure to work pain-free. This means they’ll get more done. They’ll miss fewer days due to pain. And they’ll be much happier to be in the office, doing what they do best. That’s a gift for them — and for you.

3. Throw a Party

If you’ve got a few administrative professionals to celebrate, an office party is a great way to go. Surprise them with a good lunch and dessert. A meal which they didn’t have to order and take the time to honor each one of them. Mention the good work they’ve done on specific projects, and talk about how their presence improves office life for everyone. You’re sure to get a few misty eyes, and a workforce that feels truly appreciated.

Only have one administrative professional? Taking them out to lunch is yet another great way to celebrate.

4. Invest in Their Goals

Has your administrative professional mentioned wanting to grow their career? The best encouragement you can give is to invest directly into them however you can. This Administrative Professionals Day, let your treasured employee know that you’ll be paying for them to attend a professional development course. Or, offer to pay all or even just a small fraction of their courses towards a higher degree. Even a small investment (whatever your company can afford) will demonstrate how much you believe in them. That in turn will make your administrative professional much more invested in your workplace. It may even keep your excellent worker there in the long term. They may decide your company is the place where they can grow their career to the fullest it can be.

5. The Afternoon Off

benches by lake

They’re the first ones there in the morning and the last ones to leave at night, but they shouldn’t be on Administrative Professionals Day. Give your dedicated worker the afternoon off to take a stroll in the park, hang out with the kids, or simply read a book. They’ll return the next morning feeling refreshed, appreciated and ready to go!

However you decide to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day this year, remember that it’s actually a year-round thing. No matter what the day, show your admins you care by listening to their ideas, supporting their requests, and always having a good attitude.

For a few more ideas on how to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, check out this article from ezCater. Let us know how you celebrate Administrative Professionals Day in the comments below. 

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