Comfort is Key to getting more doneBetween meetings, Facebook, and email, maintaining concentration in today’s crowded work environment can be a challenge. Sure, getting more done on the job requires discipline, but it also necessitates taking a few steps that might be a little less obvious. These include:

1) Removing Access to the Internet

While you may need an internet connection for a number of your tasks, you surely don’t need one for all of them. And in fact, you’ll be far more effective at completing these second kinds of tasks if you block access to the internet. Doing so doesn’t have to mean yanking the router out of the wall. Instead, use an app like Freedom to block your access for up to 8 hours. Or use SelfControl to selectively block certain sites. Doing so will also encourage you to split up your day strategically, concentrating on just one task at a time rather than toggling across many different ones. You might, for example, spend an internet-free hour writing a report. Then, the next 30 minutes responding to emails when your connection is restored, rather than trying (and failing) to do both at the same time.

2) Being Clear on Expectations Before a Project Begins

Interpersonal politics can be immensely distracting to big projects. There’s nothing worse than thinking a colleague is working on a key task, only to find they thought you had it covered, meaning you’ll now have to scramble to get it done. Conflicts also arise when two people work at different rates. This is all the more so if one person can’t work any further until they receive the other person’s work. While these issues are always at risk of arising, taking the time to clarify expectations ahead of time will significantly decrease the amount of distracting drama on the job.

3) Investing in Ergonomic Comfort

There are few things quite as distracting at the office as pain. Even when you try to work through it, your mind is only half-focused. In turn, you’re likely to work at much less efficient rate. Investing in an ergonomic keyboard, mouse and laptop and tablet stand will ensure you can work without pain not only today but for many days to come without having to take time off for costly surgeries. An ergonomic setup will also boost your productivity, keeping your mind focused on the tasks at hand.

For more on this topic, we highly recommend reading, 5 Ways to Focus Your Mind and Super Boost Your Productivity.

How do you stay productive at work? Let us know in the comments below.

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