Warehouses, construction sites, grocery stores, and other businesses that require manual labor to get the job done are all too familiar with the dangers that the manual labor can present. Work places such as these install extensive safety measures to ensure that employees can perform job duties without getting hurt; however, did you know that working in an office presents safety issues that can bring about long-term physical issues as well?

Here are some of the most common office injuries and how to prevent them:

Injuries from lifting.

If you’re not sure you can lift a particularly heavy box, don’t lift it. If you do decide to lift it, always squat down to pick it up and keep your back straight.

Trips and falls.

Karen’s desk doesn’t have a power outlet underneath it so she has to run her power cord to the outlet behind her. You walk by her desk every day. But one day your foot snags the cord and you and her computer hit the ground hard. Reporting loose carpeting, wires, or other issues to management can help them get taken care of quickly. Always watch for wet floor signs and use caution when walking outside in the winter to avoid trips and falls.

Vision problems.

You stare at a computer screen all day to get your work done and can’t figure out why you’re having a difficult time seeing in “the real world”? Having too much or too little light can affect your eyes significantly. It can cause eye strain, red eyes and irritation, and can decrease your ability to focus. Getting task lighting can help highlight the places you need to see better. Getting monitor screens that reduce glare can also help save your eyes.

Injuries from improper or poor use of work station equipment.

office injuries wrist pain wrap

You use your keyboard and mouse every day and you’re very comfortable with the way they feel. However, they may be causing you to develop serious issues and pain little by little each day. Using screens that are too bright or that are angled wrong can leave you with lasting effects well after you’ve left any particular job. Requesting safe and appropriate work equipment and adjusting your desk and chair accordingly can do wonders in preventing long-term injuries.

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