In the modern corporate office environment, the tools of the trade could be contributing to employee discomfort, health issues, and the company’s bottom line. Subpar tools such as non-ergonomic keyboards and mice, as well as improper use of equipment such as poor monitor placement, can create an uncomfortable workspace and can do more damage than one might think in the long run.

Woman working at desk on a laptop with shoulder pain.

From repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) to decreased job satisfaction, comfort isn’t a luxury in the workplace, but a necessity for a number of reasons. More and more companies are investing in office equipment that promotes better ergonomics and increased comfort, and are seeing great results. Here’s why ergonomic devices are crucial in the modern workplace.

More Comfort Can Improve Quality of Work

Most of us spend roughly 40-plus hours at our desks every week, often with additional work being done at home and on the go. If you’re stuck with traditional keyboards and mice, the repeated stress on your hands and wrists can add up and cause daily discomfort. Even if a team member doesn’t develop an RSI, who wouldn’t want more comfort in their workspace or for their employees?

We all do better work when we’re comfortable and don’t have to fidget to find the right way to sit without distracting aches. Investing in ergonomic solutions, such as ergonomic keyboards and mice, can help employees focus on their work without the annoyance of wrist, back, or hand pain. As a result, the members of the company may experience an improved quality of work.

Ergonomic Devices Provide Support for Workers with RSI

Woman working at a desk using ergonomic devices.

RSI is nothing to be taken lightly, and worker health is a vital part of a company’s success. Employees diagnosed with RSI conditions need accommodations in the workplace to help them manage their symptoms and continue to perform their roles with less discomfort. If an employee is diagnosed with an RSI caused by office work, their ergonomist might prescribe an ergonomic keyboard or mouse to assist in relieving their pain and mitigating further injury.

If a team member is diagnosed with an RSI, or is even just complaining about discomfort at work, it’s best to provide them with the tools they need ahead of time rather than waiting for the problem to worsen. Ergonomic solutions are starting to become mandated in some states, so prepping for the future, and the needs of the team, should be a priority. Ergonomic equipment is also a great idea as a preventative measure in general and can help improve quality of work and employee comfort, even if they’re not required by a prescription.

Help Reduce Costs for the Organization

Besides making the office a more comfortable place to work, outfitting the team with ergonomic devices is a cost-saving measure that can have significant impacts over time. Whether it’s a diagnosed case of RSI or just minor aches, pains, and annoyances, fatigue can impact a business in a variety of ways. From workers’ compensation claims to absenteeism, lost productivity, or dissatisfaction with the job leading to turnover, the costs add up.

The best way to prevent these costs is to prevent their causes: worker pain and dissatisfaction. When you consider the cost of enterprise-ready ergonomic solutions and compare it to the costs associated with RSI, reduced productivity, and low employee morale, the necessity of ergonomic devices in the workplace is clear.

This isn’t to say that ergonomic keyboards, mice, and standing desks can fix every problem—but they can have a positive effect on the costs associated with RSI and employee discomfort.

The Takeaway

We believe it’s time to usher in the age of productivity. It’s our mission to provide a steady flow of ergonomic products and information to help mold your work space into a hub for productivity, innovation, and creativity. Over the years, we’ve created an entire line of ergonomic products to reduce the pain and discomfort so commonly associated with repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). That is why many of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world use Goldtouch solutions.

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