Let’s look at 4 key ways that Goldtouch products are a great investment for government services.

1. Increases Worker Efficiency & Productivityinvestment government services Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard mouse

There’s a big hazard facing today’s office workers. It’s a little thing called Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs). Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is particularly pervasive, as most office workers spend their days typing all day on flat, traditional keyboards. This is less than ideal, as these keyboards cause typists to splay their hands to the side as they type, putting strain on their wrists. Eventually, the repetitive motion required causes swelling in the carpal tunnel, which puts pressure on the nerve that runs through it. The result: lots of pain, and possibly the need for surgery.

What does this have to do with efficiency and productivity? Well, workers who try to work through pain type in progressively awkward ways to compensate for it, which makes them less efficient overall. What’s more, when workers are focused on their pain rather than on the task at hand, they’re simply less productive.

Goldtouch products remedy these problems with their innovative, supportive designs. For instance, the Goldtouch split keyboard pulls apart in the middle and tents vertically, helping workers to find a typing position that will keep their hands in a neutral position. For their part, Goldtouch mice provide ample support for the wrists and hands. Together, these kinds of ergonomic products ensure that workers operate comfortably and without injury. This investment keeps minds on task, therefore increasing rates of both productivity and efficiency.

2. Decreases Absenteeism

Ergonomic Mouse Investment Government Services GoldtouchThe pain of RSIs can eventually become so bad that employees have to take sick days to rest. Eventually this pain can become so bad that surgery becomes a necessity. This in turn requires recovery time, which keeps employees out of the office. It’s bad enough to lose a single employee’s productivity, but it’s even worse when absenteeism affects an entire team’s productivity as other team members scramble to cover the missing person’s work. In a government setting where budgets are tight and pressures to demonstrate maximum efficiency are high, this can be an especially concerning issue.

3. Powers Government 2.0 Creativity & Innovation

Travel Laptop Tablet Stand Investment Government ServicesWe can’t say it enough: pain is distracting — but it’s not just productivity and efficiency that pain can derail. It’s creativity and innovation, too. Just think about it: how creative and innovative do you really feel when you’re working through pain? We’re betting not so much.

And that’s never been more problematic than right now, as Government 2.0 swings into high gear. With more and more calls for government agencies to become more agile like their private sector counterparts, developing technology and practices that better bring the citizens into governance, thinking and working outside of the box has never been so important. That means that every government worker needs to be in their best shape in order to devote their minds to more innovative thinking.

Goldtouch products help government agencies and workers do just that by taking pain out of the equation.

4. Saves Money

Numeric Keyboard Investment Government Services Ergonomic GoldtouchBetween everything we’ve covered here — high absenteeism rates and decreased rates of productivity, efficiency, and creativity — RSIs and related disorders can be costly. In government agencies with tight budgets, a prevalence of RSIs can be more than problematic.

An investment in Goldtouch products and solutions is savvy and proactive. You’ll stop problems before they even begin, saving your agency thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long term. And that’s not even counting the intangible benefits, like increased agility of thinking.

Goldtouch and government just make sense together. Click here to shop more Goldtouch products.