Ergonomics of TelecommutingTelecommuting and remote working has become a particularly popular option for many employees, whether that means working from home once a week or setting up personal headquarters halfway across the globe from the main office. However, even if a workplace injury like an RSI happens off-campus, employers may still be on the hook for workers compensation claims.

As such, it’s in everybody’s best interest to set up a fully ergonomic workspace at home.

To do so, it’s time to turn (not so surprisingly) to the very devices that make telecommuting possible. First, telecommuters should take digital pictures of their workspace to be evaluated by a professional ergonomist. Even better, use a web or laptop cam to record a day’s work. This will help the ergonomist see the ways in which each telecommuter really interacts with his or her workspace. Then provide the employee with an ergonomics best practices checklist, a full online and phone evaluation, and a list of solutions. When reorganization of the workspace is needed, give the employee a list of pre-approved vendors and equipment. This will ensure they’re taking advantage of vetted solutions.

Looking for more tips? We highly recommend reading The Ergonomics of Telecommuting, which explores this issue from several other interesting angles.

Are you a telecommuter? If so, how do you keep things ergonomic in your workspace? Let us know in the comments below.