extrovert productivity tips

In many ways, it’s great to be an extrovert in the workplace. Because extroverts gain their energy from being around other people and engaging with their environment, they are often chosen for leadership and management positions, and their ideas are often widely heard. But the drive to socialize can be distracting when it’s time to put your nose to the ground and get a ton of work done. In order to ensure you get things done, we highly recommend:

1) Blocking Access to the Internet

The internet offers far too many distractions for extroverts, especially in terms of social connection (i.e. email and social media). You can block the internet entirely for a set period of time using an app like Freedom, or selectively block just the most distracting sites using SelfControl. Don’t worry — you can connect with everyone again once your time is up.

2) Working in a Busy Environment

Open plan offices are great for extroverts, who thrive on that background buzz and home. If your office is too quiet, try heading to a coffee shop or the park to get more done. If you so desire, you can even bring an ergonomic keyboard and tablet and laptop stand with you and set up an office right in the busiest part of the city.

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3) Schedule a Lunch Break

Have a quiet day in front of you? Then schedule a lunch date with a colleague or a friend. While an introvert might need this time to re-center before continuing the day, for you some midday socialization is just the refresher you need.

For more excellent tips on this topic, we highly recommend reading, How to be a More Productive Extrovert. And if you’ve already explored this topic on your own, let us know your pro tips in the comments below.