Ah, spring. There’s the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. Purple, pink, blue, red, and yellow flowers are poised proudly with their petals to the sky. The sun is shining, the park is actually a desirable place to be, and everywhere you turn there are children playing baseball and tag in the street.

And also, ya know, your workspace is a hot mess. Sure, it may not be in the best of shape all year round, but there’s something about the freshness of spring time that makes a messy office unbearable. What you need is a good dose of office spring cleaning! Let’s look at a few ways to clear out and spruce up not only your work space but also the office as a whole.

1. Use It, Chuck It, Donate It, or Trade It

Let’s face it: there are many items in your workspace that you don’t exactly need to be there. Rarely used items just add to clutter, which makes it difficult to concentrate and sometimes even to get much of anything done. Be ruthless during your spring cleaning. If you haven’t used an item in more than six months, either find a way to start using it, chuck it in the trash bin (especially if it no longer works), donate it to charity, give it to a colleague potentially for a trade, or take it home (especially if it’s out of season, like a scarf). We know, you’re attached to it, but if it’s not actively contributed to your productivity, it’s not doing much of anything at all.

2. Clean Surfaces

Once you’ve managed to declutter, it’s time to get out the Windex. Dust and spray down your desk, your windowsill if you have one, and, really, any space you can get your hands on. Clean off your keyboard and screen. Make it all sparkling new again.

3. Show Paper Who’s Boss

Office employee working with documents at table, closeup

Do you have stacks of paper strewn across your desk? It’s time to put that paper back in its place. File any papers you need to keep. Shred or recycle the rest or send it on where it’s meant to go. Paper coupons should definitely be included in this list, especially if they’re long since expired.

4. Feature Your Go-To Items Prominently

For items that you use often, there’s no reason you should have to hunt for them in a deep desk drawer. Instead, keep them out and easily within reach. Lesser used items, on the other hand, will do just fine either hidden away in drawers or placed further out of reach on shelves or at the far end of your desk.

5. Add Organizational Systems

Are there organizational systems in your workspace or is it all sort of a jumble? If the latter is the case, head out to your local office supply store to hunt for shelves, pen organizers, and trays for later filing.

6. Do a Wire Evaluation

If you’re like most people, your desk is an impenetrable tangle of wires. Now is the time to switch to wireless devices wherever you can. The rest can be organized with a binder clip. Just thread the wires through and they won’t be so tempted to jumble up again.

7. Switch Up Your Decorations

flowers on desk

Sure, everyone loves that poster of a sunset with a motivational quote across the bottom, but you’ll feel refreshed when you change up your decorations every once in awhile. Either opt for a new theme or change items out piece by piece until you’ve got yourself a fresh new look. New plants can especially spruce up an office space. For more specific ideas, Pinterest is your friend!

8. Don’t Forget Your Computer

Your computer isn’t exempt from needing a little spring cleaning love. Take a look at the organizational systems you’ve got for your files. Reevaluate if you need to, trash old files you don’t need anymore, and reorganize files that are wandering all about the place with no real purpose.

9. Host an Office-wide Garage Sale

Get the whole team in on the action with an office-wide garage sale. Every team member can set up shop with their items, which can be easily swapped. Whatever isn’t “bought” can be donated to charity. This way, everything will go to good use.

10. Opt for Ergonomic Equipment

man typing on ergonomic keyboard

As you’re reevaluating your workspace, take the time to really think about
the equipment you use most and how it makes you feel. Do you feel productive and creative when you work? Or do you feel so much crippling pain, that’s the only thing you can concentrate on? If the latter is the case, it might be time for more ergonomic equipment like an ergonomic split keyboard, which will guide your hands into their most neutral position, and an ergonomic mouse, which will keep your wrist supported as you mouse throughout the day. Working on ergonomic equipment will not only change the way you work, but it will change how you feel about working too.

Spring cleaning your office will leave you feeling motivated and refreshed. What are your favorite tricks for getting going? Let us know in the blog comments!

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