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Ah, the dreaded commute. Whether it’s fifteen minutes or two hours, by carpool or by train, it is, decidedly, a waste of time. That is, unless you’ve developed a few strategies for making your commute productive. After all, our mobile devices make work, well, mobile. And with Wi-Fi finding its way onto many buses and trains, there are an increasing number of inexpensive ways to stay connected with the office even as you’re traveling to it. In fact, you may find you get more done without colleagues to distract you.

How to Get More Done

Of course, getting work done on your commute starts with your devices. They are your portal into the office cloud as well as your devoted workstation. The more lightweight they are, the better. Ergonomic accessories are also key to ensuring that your commuting work sessions are as comfortable as they are productive. If your train offers a tray table in the seat in front of you, you can place your laptop there and connect it with an ergonomic keyboard, which you can keep in your lap.

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If there’s no Wi-Fi available, tethering your devices to your work smartphone is a great idea. This way you’ll still be able to access all of your most important work documents if they’re stored in the cloud. And of course to send emails.

Perhaps the biggest thing you can do to make working on your commute comfortable is simply picking an ideal seat. That is, if at all possible. Whether you’re working from the back of a carpool van or on the rails, it’s preferable to avoid middle seats. Also, be sure to give your limbs a wide berth for navigating around the space as possible.

For more excellent tips on this topic, we highly suggest reading, How to Get Work Done on the Train, which covers all this and more.

How do you stay productive on your commute? Let us know in the comments below.