With the amount of work being completed via computers on a daily basis rising year over year, it fits that wrist pain from typing would also be on the rise. In fact, over half of workers who use a computer suffer from a Repetitive Strain Injury – a musculoskeletal or nervous system disorder caused by repetitive motions. Wrists, in particular, are cited as the source of the pain for over 69% of workers who reported a Repetitive Strain Injury.

However, you don’t have to become another statistic! There are ways to prevent wrist pain from typing. For those already suffering pain, there are treatments and exercises you can partake in to alleviate it. We’ll discuss preventative measures and treatments for wrist pain and more below – let’s dive in!

Sources of Wrist Pain

wrist pain from typing

The sources of wrist pain from computer work can typically be drilled down to incorrect or excessive use of your keyboard or mouse, or your posture while sitting and working at your desk. The keyboard, in particular, is the main culprit behind Repetitive Strain Injuries and wrist pain.

To prevent wrist pain caused by typing, follow these ergonomic best practices:

  1. Ensure your office chair is at the correct height for your body and that when you sit in it, your feet are flat on the ground.
  2. Hover your arms slightly over your desk as opposed to resting them on your chair arms or on top of your desk.
  3. Your hands should stay below the level of your elbows but be lifted as described in the step above.
  4. Keep your wrists in a generally straight, but neutral position. Find the position that takes the pressure off of your wrists.
  5. Adjust your keyboard as needed to maintain the positioning described in steps one through four.

Of course, there are other options to preventing wrist pain that you can explore on top of your wrist positioning.

Select an Ergonomic Keyboard

The problem with standard keyboards or laptops is that the keyboard doesn’t easily allow you to maintain the proper typing position. In contrast, the ergonomic keyboards that Goldtouch designs include the ability to be split from the middle and the ability to adjust from 0 to 30 degrees on both the horizontal and vertical planes of the keyboard.

These adjustments allow the keyboard user to align and straighten their wrists, arms, and shoulders.

Add a Numeric Keypad

If your job involves data entry, you will certainly benefit from the addition of a numeric keypad. Although some keyboards come standard with a numeric keypad section, there is no way to move that standard feature to accommodate your preferred typing style. With a numeric keyboard, both left-handed and right-handed individuals can enjoy the flexibility of the movable keypad.

Treating Wrist Pain

No matter if you’re already experiencing wrist pain or are curious if there are further ways to prevent wrist pain, the following exercises certainly fit both inquiries. These stretches are simple enough to be done multiple times throughout your day without interrupting your productivity.

  1. The Fist: Repeatedly open and close your fingers, creating a fist and then fully extending your fingers. Perform this exercise for at least 20 cycles of repetition.
  2. Wrist Rotations: Rotate your wrist 360 degrees at least five times in a row. Then, reverse the motion and go the opposite direction for another five cycles.
  3. The Wave: This exercise may be easiest to do in front of a mirror. Hold your palms out to your reflection with your fingers pointing up in the air. Then point your fingers down so that your wrist is fully extended in both directions. For an additional stretch, use your opposite hand to push your fingers further in either direction.  Complete this exercise at least ten times.

While there are dozens of variations of the three exercises above, these will create a foundation for your prevention of wrist pain. You should complete these exercises throughout your day and also give yourself time to rest from typing or using your computer.

Six out of ten office workers in the United States suffer from wrist pain, but with the suggestions and tips above, you don’t have to be one of them! Prevent wrist pain from starting with appropriate posture and office supplies and treat any wrist pain with the fundamental exercises we shared above. Don’t forget that Goldtouch not only offers the ergonomic keyboards and keypads you need to improve your workflow, but we also offer additional ergonomic solutions to address a wide variety of needs. Visit our website and explore all of our options today!