It’s almost here: that’s right, System Administrator Appreciation Day! Your System Administrator (Sysadmin) is the one who keeps your computer systems running, including your servers. They also ensure that your technical systems aren’t vulnerable to attack and that they run properly, while also managing users. Sometimes, your sysadmin also acts as invaluable tech support. In other words, System Administrators are an incredibly valuable part of any team, and it’s important to celebrate them properly this July 29th. Let’s take a look at a few great ways to do just that.

1. Throw a Party

What better way to say “thank you” than to gather the whole team or office for a celebration that puts your System Administrator right at the very center? Arrange for cake, pizza, balloons — the whole shebang as you say thank you, or go so far as to cater a lunch for the whole office to celebrate.

Alternatively, if you feel your System Administrator will shy away from the spotlight, take them out for a one-on-one lunch instead. They’ll feel spoiled and appreciated, especially if you take the time to mention their many accomplishments throughout the year gone by.Party Lights

2. Give Them Ergonomic Equipment

System administrators do technical work that often keeps them on their devices, typing and clicking away. As with any other office worker who operates in this manner, this puts your sysadmins at high risk for developing a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Not so with an ergonomic split keyboard. This keyboard pulls apart in the middle and tents vertically so that your sysadmin can find the perfect fit for them. Ergonomic mice also help reduce strain by providing ample wrist support. Together, items like these ensure that your sysadmin is on top of their game, ready to jump into action at any minute to save the company’s servers without pain to hold them back.woman typing ergonomic at keyboard

3. Chip in for a Gift Certificate

Of course, you can never go wrong with a gift certificate to your sysadmin’s favorite restaurant or store. Hopefully your sysadmin’s close colleague will know where to direct you, if not to a specific store or venue then to a certain interest area. If not, it’s time either to do a little sleuthing or to purchase a more general gift card through a credit card company.

4. Give a Gift Basket

Gift baskets are another great way to add a little cheer into your sysadmin’s day. Traditional gift baskets will keep them munching for days — though be sure you’re well aware of any food allergies. There are also non-food gift baskets that could suit your sysadmin’s passion areas. For instance, you could put together a video game basket with a mix of classics and new faves. Why not? Your sysadmin is sure to appreciate the basket

5. Give a Technical Gift

Of course, your sysadmin is a techie at heart, which means that a gift that falls into the technical realm is likely to be a hit. Again, you’ll want to double check those interests, but a subscription to a gaming loot or tech box site could be a big hit, as could a day off to attend a local gaming convention. Also popular: a subscription to Wired.
System administrators keep your office running. This July 29th, show them that you see all that they do and that you care!

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