Young woman working on her laptop computer in-flightGood news for all of you kindle readers and tablet users out there! The FAA announced a decidedly un-spooky and long overdue change of policy on Halloween, allowing the use of most electronic devices throughout flight. While e-Readers, tablets and laptops will still need to be stowed during landing and takeoff so that they don’t turn into projectiles, you’ll no longer have to wait until 10,000 feet to pull them out again.

What that Means for Productivity

That’s a great change for workers looking to squeeze in more productivity time while working from the plane. Even better, the FAA has re-confirmed its assertion that bluetooth products are safe to use during flight, meaning you’ll still get use your ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard to ensure you’ve got a comfortable workspace, no matter how much the airlines reduce legroom every year.

The only thing not to change? Chatting on your cell phone is still a no go. But whether that’s for safety reasons or because no one wants to hear you chatting on your cell phone for five hours straight, the FAA isn’t saying.

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