Businessman with a headache

Itchy, red eyes. Blurred vision. Headaches. Trouble sleeping. All of these are symptoms of eyestrain, a condition that develops when you spend too much time staring at backlit screens. With how much time we all spend both at work and at home on our tablets, smartphones and computers, it’s no wonder so many people are familiar with the symptoms.

Why do screens cause eyestrain? You can pin that on their bright, bluish hue, which mimics daylight. This is fine during (you guessed it) the day, but becomes irritating as ambient light fades. It also throws off your internal clock, which can make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night.

While the best solution is spending fewer hours in front of screens, late night office workers will benefit from installing a program like F.lux, which dims or brightens your computer’s screen to match the time of the day with more or less yellow light. It can also really help to use a laptop and tablet stand to keep your screen at a proper height and distance so your eyes don’t have to struggle to read what’s on the screen.

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