Businessman with lower back ache office ergonomicsMany of today’s top offices are designed to look just like today’s most popular digital devices: elegant, slim and spare. But while these workspaces might look great, they often sacrifice comfort for style. This leaves many hard working office employees with a host of health problems. These include neck, shoulder and back pain to pinched nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries. Poor posture also strains the ligaments, muscles and joints around the spine. In turn, this leads to restricted neck movement and even more pronounced posture problems that increase over time.

RSI’s are on the Rise

The prevalence of these sorts of health issues are increasing not just in the United States but also in developing nations across the world. While RSIs in the US are most common in middle-aged women, they are increasingly becoming the problem of Indian office workers in their late twenties as well. Here the main problems tend to be due to the radiating effects of abdominal muscle pain as well as the compression of nerves and blood vessels at the base of the neck.

That said, many of these issues are easily fixed by adding just a few products and best practices to your office setting and routine. Fixes could be anything from ergonomic chairs to a good stretch. For more on this issue, we recommend giving this excellent interview with an ergonomics expert a read. With his tips, you’ll be combining comfort and style in no time.

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