happy young business man at officeEver wonder why you feel better working in a sizable office with a window than in a cramped cubicle? That’s because your office space (and, really, any space in which you move, including your home and your vehicle) can directly affect how you feel about yourself and how you perform in the workplace.

It’s something you’ve probably known at a gut level for some time, but now new research is now confirming these instincts with hard data. In fact, these studies show that even your posture is correlated with your performance and level of achievement, as workers who hunch over their desks tend not to thrive to the same degree as those who maintain a more powerful position.

Proper Ergonomics in the Office

Together, these findings are another great argument for proper ergonomics in the office. When you’ve got a chair, a desk, and an ergonomic keyboard, mouse and laptop stand, you’re much more likely to keep your body in the proper position, which just so happens to be the same positions that keep you feeling confident, productive and even powerful. What’s more, when you’ve spaced your office equipment correctly, psychologically you’ll feel more empowered and ready to take on whatever the day brings.

For more on this subject, take a read of this great summary, How Office Ergonomics Impact Behavior.

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