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Run a marathon. Start yoga, and then become a yoga instructor. Swim the English Channel. Become an ironman. Drink more smoothies and protein shakes. Go raw. Cut out all carbs. Circumnavigate the globe on a bike…while cutting out all carbs. Just, you know, get to the gym once in awhile.

Chances are, your New Year’s resolution this year has a thing or two to do with your health. And for the most part, that’s a great thing. Hey, we’re big fans of health here at Goldtouch, and we applaud any and all efforts to increase your mental and physical well-being.

But let’s face it: most of us have trouble following through on the tiniest of our health resolutions, let alone the big ambitious ones, like running 13 miles every day or drinking more chia seed-kale smoothies.

Even more problematic? Most health resolutions don’t address the single biggest health threat of all: the office.

Yep. We spend nearly half of our waking lives at work, and yet “health and fitness” seems to be a topic reserved for fitness trainers and nutritionists.

That’s why we think you only need one resolution this year:

Become an office fitness guru.

That’s right. It’s time to revolutionize health in the office, and YOU are the perfect person to lead the call.

What does this awesome new role entail?

1. Lobby Hard for Ergonomic Products

ergonomic laptop and keyboard

Flat keyboards, laptops, old chairs, desks at the wrong heights. One look around the office and you’ll find a dizzying array of products that are slowly killing — or at least hurting — you and your officemates.

But you, oh Office Fitness Guru, will not stand for this.

This. Will. Not. Stand!

Fill your boss in on the clear economics of ergonomics. (The short version, good ergonomics increase productivity, efficiency and innovation and decrease absenteeism. Translation: ergonomics is great for employee health and even better for the bottom line).

Then lobby hard for the ergonomic products known to have the biggest payoff, including ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mice, laptop and tablet stands, and adjustable standing desks.

BOOM. Thanks to you, your officemates (and you) will decrease your rates of carpal tunnel syndrome and other RSIs, decrease your risk for developing diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer, up your metabolism, and just look awesome while doing so. Thanks, office fitness guru!

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2. Get Moving

True office fitness gurus don’t drive to work! They bike! And walk! And, at the very least, run frantically after the bus or train!

Think that downtime between calls is a good time to catch a few zzz’s? WRONG. That’s the best time to do a little office yoga.Suited Woman In Yoga Pose working with Laptop

Okay, so how about that boring all-hands meeting? Isn’t that a good time to sleep? You haven’t spent years mastering your eyes-open snooze for nothing.

While that certainly is impressive, it’s time for a big change now that you’re the Office Fitness Guru. When you can, propose walking meetings. You’ll get a great cardio workout as you go, and you’ll find your brain more stimulated and aware, meaning you’re sure to contribute more creative, apt, and innovative ideas. That’s great for your health and even better for your career.

Hey, that’s two workouts in one!

3. Advocate for Unique Wellness Programs

Pocket Yoga appAs the office fitness guru, you know better than anyone that wellness programs are essential for rejuvenating employees and caring for your whole selves. But you also know that “wellness program” in many corporate halls is just a slogan at this point. So, mix it up! It’s on you, office fitness guru!

Propose a food co-op with a local farm. Start a fitness program that has you and your fellow employees working out during lunch time, doing yoga in the break room, or navigating the best fitness apps together. Heading up a unique program like this will up your fitness as well as that of everyone around you — and it will also impress your bosses along the way.

So go forth, office fitness guru!

Wow the world with your unique approach to office fitness. Show the doubters and the deniers that office health matters just as much — if not more — than the health routines we’re so committed to outside of the office walls.
It’s on you now, for this is your resolution for the new year. Go, office fitness guru! Show us what you can do!