At Goldtouch, productivity is the pillar of our brand. With a full line of ergonomic products, from ergonomic keyboards to portable laptop stands that will have you speeding through daily tasks without discomfort or pain, we have more than a few insights into how the most productive people get it all done. We think you’ll be surprised by some of these counterintuitive top 4 gems.

1. Work in Bursts, Then Take a Break

If you’re like most people, you probably associate working hard with being at your desk for as long as possible. But as more and more research has shown, the human mind is a sprinter, not a long distance runner. Productive people set 45 to 60 minute timers and concentrate on one task at a time. When time is up, they take a 5 to 10 minute break to grab a cup of coffee, stretch their legs, and refresh their minds before going back at it.

So: Sprint hard; then stop and get a drink of water

2. Process Email in Batches

Checking email throughout the day can make you feel productive. But every time you flick that mouse over your email client, you interrupt your flow, decreasing the quality of your work, and lengthening the amount of time it takes to complete even simple tasks. How can you balance this fact when you’ve still must respond to emails from your clients, team members and superiors in a complete and timely manner?

Turn email into a task and process your inbox in batches throughout the day using a concept like Inbox Zero. During email checking time, concentrate on filing, marking and responding to emails, and doing nothing else. Again, timing yourself can be a useful way to keep your pace up, and actually adding “Email Checking Time” to your calendar will help you stay disciplined. Of course, people in more client-facing roles, may need to process email as frequently as every twenty minutes, while other workers will do fine checking email every few hours instead. Choose your frequency and stay disciplined.

3. Go Ergo

Today’s office spaces might please interior designers and fire codes, but they often leave many of us rubbing our wrists and lower backs. All of us, that is, except for productive people, who know that being uncomfortable puts the brakes on getting things done. That’s why they hack their office with fully ergonomic gear. How does this help keep things productive?tented keyboard next to laptop on laptop stand

Ergonomic keyboards, mice, wrist rests and numeric keypads alleviate the discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, allowing you to type at your usual rapid speeds without slowing down due to pain. (Plus, they just look pretty snazzy on your desk!). Laptop desk stands correct bad posture and let you use an external keyboard, helping to prevent the neck, shoulder, back, and even eyestrain associated with laptop use so you can work pain free for longer hours. No more missing deadlines due to fatigue.

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4. Become an Open Plan Rebel

Right now, the open plan office is all the rage. But unless you’re an all out extrovert who thrives on social interaction, hearing your co-workers pitch a new client is the best way to stay distracted (and annoyed). Most productive people know the benefits of noise-canceling headphones, and aren’t afraid to ask their boss for use of an empty office or meeting room for silent work when they’re not otherwise scheduled.


From keyboard ergonomics to internet-blocking apps, there are countless ways to stay productive in the office. However, most come down to one simple principle: Approach your work habits and behavior with understanding, rather than guilt. Treat your behavior as symptoms, and then strategize accordingly, experimenting as you go.

That, after all, is what the most productive people do.

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