Businessman sitting long hours experiencing back pain.
Over the course of human evolution, we’ve mastered a lot of neat tricks. Our wrinkled brains provide an unparalleled amount of surface area to power superior cognition. We speak in full and often complex sentences, and every day we do that oh-so-unique thing in the animal kingdom we like to call “standing up.”

But there’s one thing our genes never quite mastered: sitting long hours. At least, sitting for the majority of our waking hours, whether at work or at home. And yet that’s precisely what we do, leading to a whole host of health problems, from slipped disks to diabetes. Add into that nasty mix a wide range of electronic devices that were built more with style than with the human body in mind. That’s quite a toxic cocktail.

Still, there’s no reason to despair just yet. As is so eloquently explored in this excellent article, Simple Ergonomic Tips for Desk Jockeys, there are a number of easy ways to up your comfort and subsequently your productivity from behind a desk.

Workstation Corrections

Naturally, the journey to a comfortable workspace begins with your chair. As pictured in the article, you want a chair that keeps your feet flat on the ground. Also, your knees should be kept at a gentle 90-degree angle. Armrests are essential for rest throughout the day. And there should be ample lower back support to guide your body into an upright position. Your desk height should also be carefully considered. It should be lowered or raised to such a height that you can float your hands naturally over the keyboard. Or, if you can make the adjustment, try training yourself to stand at least part of the day with a standing desk. While new desks are expensive, you can easily make one for yourself by stacking books.

Of course, ergonomic accessories like a keyboard that pulls apart in the middle and an ergonomic mouse are essential, as they can be customized to fit your individual body and behaviors. For a deeper look at these tips and even more to boot, we highly recommend reading the article above.

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What do you do to keep your “desk jockey” lifestyle comfortable? Let us know in the comments below.