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Goldtouch is the industry-leading creator of ergonomic comfort technology products and peripherals. Here in our ergonomic blog, you’ll find news and information about our products, productivity tips to help you build the perfect custom comfort desktop, as well as important enterprise and industry news.

ergonomic blog - gamersAvid gamer?

Find exclusive news and updates on products and topics in our ergonomic blog. Did you know that gaming, just like any other repetitive activity, puts you at high risk for injury? Injury from carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, to a pulled neck. Look no further, because we have all the advice you need in our ergonomic blog about how to keep those thumbs from hurting!

Experiencing discomfort while typing and mousing?

ergonomic blogWe have a short ergonomic blog for you that explains how to combat Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) in today’s digital lifestyle. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, sitting at a computer has been and continues to be an ever-growing part of everyday life. We are spending a greater and greater percentage of the day on the computer.

ergonomic blogPlanning a summer vacation? Possibly working on the road?

It’s important to have your ergonomic travel plan all set up so that you can work comfortably from the road. Check out our ergonomic blog on how to plan an ergonomic summer vacation. This way, you’ll still return refreshed and relaxed, rather than in pain. Here’s how to hack a few common summer destinations into the perfect workspace.

Need Tips to Stay on Task During the Summer Months?

We have all the tips you need to help you stay on track! Summer can be a distracting time at work. No one would blame you for having a little more trouble concentrating. But it can still be a productive time, just as long as you get a little strategic to stay on task.

We hope you find our blog helpful, relaxing and informative! Feel free to check out more informative posts about our keyboards, mice, and other comfort peripherals, all of which can be purchased on our web page!

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