smartphone or computer in the officeSmartphones have revolutionized the way we work, connect with our friends and family, and even how we spend our free time. But all of that texting, tweeting, instagramming and email checking takes its toll on our relationships, bodies and minds. And if you’re constantly on your smartphone at work, it could be negatively affecting your career as well. Here are 3 reasons why.

1) Smartphones are in the Way of Your Relationships With Co-Workers

Developing strong ties with co-workers is essential for developing a happy, peaceful and productive workplace. It’s also key to networking – the single best way to discover new career opportunities. But you can’t form deep connections with the people around you when your eyes are glued to your smartphone. You may think you’re multi-tasking, but really our minds can only focus on one thing well at a time, so if you’re talking and tweeting, you’re probably not really listening in the way that you need to in order to form a deep bond. So, maybe save that tweet for a real conversation.

2) Smartphones Make You Look Off Task

There’s nothing worse than the scrambling you have to do when the boss finds you playing Candy Crush at your desk. Even if you are on task, most people assume you’re not when you’re on your phone, and so it still can leave your managers and co-workers with the wrong impression that you’re not putting your all into your work. This is all the more so in meetings, when your attention is especially needed. Don’t think you’re fooling anyone by clicking away below the table. Overall, it’s best to stay engaged with what’s happening on the whiteboard.

3) Smartphones Have Negative Effects On Your Eye Health

If that wasn’t bad enough, smartphones can be intensely damaging to your vision. In fact, a recent study indicates that prolonged smartphone use is just as likely to cause Computer Vision Syndrome as is working at a desktop or on a laptop. That’s because staring at your screen requires very fine motor movements, especially if you keep the text small. This is especially difficult as we age, as our lenses become less flexible and therefore must strain more to see what’s on the screen. The result: headaches, blurred vision, and dry, red and itchy eyes.

The solution to this of course is to spend less time socializing and even working on your phone and more time working on ergonomic equipment, which is far better designed to adjust to your body and your behavior. And of course, doing so will look far better to your boss as well. Now that’s a good career move.

For more on this topic, we highly recommend reading, 10 Smartphone Habits You Should Avoid.

Have you seen a smartphone negatively affect the way you work? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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