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From conferences to sales meetings, today’s professionals are just as likely to work from the road as they are to work from the office (if they even have an office). A mobile lifestyle can be stimulating and exciting, but it can have a number of pitfalls when it comes to productivity. As such, it’s important to be a little strategic in order to cut down on distractions and keep that work flowing.

1) Stay Comfortable, Wherever You Are

Mobile equipment like laptop and tablets may be lightweight and convenient. But those very features also make them a huge hazard for your body. After all, our bodies weren’t made to type on tiny keyboards that completely lack in tactile feedback. Spending too long on these devices is a sure way to develop a Repetitive Strain Injury. Not to mention, a number of other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) as well.

Of course, pain is part and parcel of these kinds of injuries, and that can be incredibly distracting as you already struggle to operate in less than ideal conditions. That’s why it’s so essential to bring a mobile workstation with you, including a mobile ergonomic keyboard, a travel mouse, and a laptop and tablet stand. This equipment is incredibly lightweight, and yet it can also provide the support and adaptability you need to stay comfortable and feel supported. It’s a radical and important way to support productivity and efficiency, wherever you go.

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2) Stay Charged

There’s nothing worse than opening up your laptop, motivated and ready to get things done, only to realize your battery is nearly out of juice. As such, it’s important to remember to charge up whenever possible. You may also want to invest in portable rechargers for emergencies as well. Not only is this good for your own productivity, but you may very well save a colleague in a pinch.

3) Go Where the Wi-Fi Is

Good Wi-Fi should be a given in any hotel you visit, but the reality is often not quite there. As such, take the time to sort through hotel reviews ahead of time, in search of negative word about Wi-Fi connections. Alternatively, ask your business about signing your work phone up for a plan that supports tethering with your laptop. That way, you can have an instant connection wherever you go.

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How do you stay productive on the road? Let us know your best tips in the comments below.