You shouldn’t have to spend your trip struggling with wires and heavy equipment. The best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel lets you work in comfort, stay productive and prevent injury wherever you go.

Travel is stressful. Even if you’re headed somewhere on your bucket list for a long-anticipated vacation, getting there is a challenge. Things get more complicated when you’re taking a laptop or tablet along. The best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel helps reduce travel stress so you can focus on the purpose of your trip.

Air travel is always a challenge, whether you’re traveling within the country or abroad. You deal with long lines, crowded terminals, reservation problems, long delays and invasive security checks, all while carrying any electronics you’re taking on the plane. Then, when you squeeze into your tiny seat, there’s no room for bulky equipment or cables.

Whether you leave in a plane, train or automobile, you take your computer or tablet to stay connected. You may have work to complete and deadlines to meet before you return. However, it’s much harder to use electronics when you travel. Let’s look at the challenges travelers face and how the best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel eliminates them.

6 Problems When Traveling With Laptop

Whatever mode of travel you choose, wherever you end up, if you’re trying to work on the go, it’s much more stressful than working at home or at the office. When you’re not traveling, you can control your environment. As soon as you hit the road, a number of things can (and often do) go wrong.


If you travel with electronics, they’re more likely to get stolen. The Department of Commerce says laptop computers “are a prime target for theft…at airports, hotels, railroad terminals and on trains while you are traveling.” Your tablet or laptop has a distinctive shape, and if you’re like most people, you carry it in a bag designed for that type of device. A large keyboard is even more distinctive.

The best ergonomic keyboard for travel is easy to tuck away. You need something that will fit in a carryon or backpack where it’s out of view so it doesn’t attract the wrong type of attention.

Unpredictable Environment

Even if you’ve been to your destination before, you can’t be sure what you’ll find this trip. If you need to use your electronics for work, you could face challenges you didn’t anticipate.

Internet cafes can be crowded and uncomfortable. You could spend hours hunched outside the hotel office trying to access spotty wi-fi. Or, you might have planned to knock out a project on a two-hour shuttle ride to your hotel, only to find yourself bouncing down back roads on a van that hasn’t had good suspension in decades. That’s when a familiar, reliable ergonomic keyboard becomes even more important to help make up for the lost time that may have occurred on your trip.

Weather or global events could leave you stranded for hours at an airport or train station. The best way to make use of that time is to catch up on work, but only if you have equipment you can use comfortably. The best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel allows you to work in spite of delays and environmental discomfort.

Limited Power Supply

You can’t work if your devices run out of battery. You can buy power adapters to charge on a plane, but often outlets aren’t available unless you’re traveling first class. Charging definitely isn’t an option in that run-down taxi or crowded shuttle.

Your trip might take you to developing countries where the power grid isn’t always reliable. Anything you plug in without a surge protector could be vulnerable. Or, your work trip or vacation destination might mean spending days in remote areas where there’s no outlet access at all.

If that’s the case, you don’t need electronics that drain your already limited power supply. The best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel has a powerful battery that doesn’t need frequent recharging.

No Room for Cords

When you travel, there’s simply no room for wires. You share space with others, and you don’t have time to figure out what cables go where. With the best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel, you don’t have to.

Limited Luggage Size

If you’re flying, every ounce counts. Airlines place serious restrictions on checked baggage, so heavy office equipment isn’t going to fly.

If you don’t check your computer and ergonomic keyboard, that means you’ll have to carry them. Even the lightest equipment weighs you down when you have a large airport to cover.

If you’re like most people, when you get off the plane you want more than anything to get away from the airport. You’re struggling to find your ride, exchange currency, get through security and keep up with important identity documents. The best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel folds in half to reduce precious space and to protect the keyboard keys in transit.

Ergonomic Challenges

Even if you’re lucky enough to be traveling first class, your accommodations are one-size-fits-all. You don’t have access to chairs, tabletops, lighting or other equipment designed to fit your body and the way you work. You may already struggle with hand, wrist, neck or back pain from spending long hours on the computer. If you do, working on the go could cause a flare-up that lasts throughout your trip.

Working on airplanes, in coffee shops, at hotel desks or in the field forces you to hold your body in unnatural positions for long periods of time. The repeated strain causes tiny tears in muscle tissue, and over time inflammation builds up. Instead of being able to accomplish your task and enjoy the rest of your trip, you feel tired and sore.

The best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel reduces strain, even when you’re on the road. Just pair it with your computer from any destination and you’re ready to work in comfort.

How a Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard Streamlines Productivity During Travel

The best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel is as portable as any of your other mobile devices and protects your hands and wrists from strain. With full-sized keys and easy pairing through Bluetooth technology, Goldtouch ergonomic keyboards make the perfect travel companion.

Light is Liberating

If your keyboard sits like a stone in your bag, it actually makes travel harder. Your shoulders and back ache by the time you get to your destination. In contrast, the best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel doesn’t take up a lot of room and it’s so light you hardly know it’s there.

The Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard measures 13.5 inches when in use and folds to a slim 7 inches in width when you’re done. It weighs barely over a pound.

Easy to Keep Secure

A laptop and ergonomic keyboard is a sign of wealth in many developing countries. A folded Goldtouch wireless keyboard easily fits into a purse or side briefcase pocket, so no one even knows it’s there.

If you have to leave your electronics in a hotel room, the best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel is easy to hide to prevent theft. It takes up almost no room in your carry-on so you can keep it with you instead of entrusting an over-weighted bag to airport workers.

Work Pain-Free

Working for hours on the computer causes pain, stiffness and fatigue. Over time, it can cause repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomic office equipment allows your body to move in the way it was meant to. It reduces your risk of pain and injury so you can enjoy your trip.

Familiarity Boosts Productivity

If you have to learn how a new keyboard works, it slows you down. The best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel can be used anywhere, so you can easily transition from the office to the meeting room to your living room. You maintain peak productivity because your keyboard stays the same no matter how often your location changes.

Easily Paired With a Laptop Stand or Tablet Stand

When you’re on the go, it’s hard to get your monitor in the right position. The result is a cramped neck, back, shoulders and arms. A laptop or tablet stand optimizes screen position so you feel good and work efficiently. The best wireless ergonomic keyboard for travel pairs effortlessly no matter what equipment you take along.

Long-Lasting Battery

The Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Keyboard comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This cutting-edge technology lasts an average of 32 days under normal typing circumstances and recharges in just five hours.

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