Whatever challenges you face at the office today probably relate to saving your company money and increasing revenue. Your job is to see how all the moving parts work together, to make small tweaks and solve big problems so your organization experiences continual growth. Savvy employers know the many benefits of ergonomics in the workplace mean fewer expenses, more productivity and improved income.

Employers miss opportunities when they think of ergonomics in terms of just a keyboard or just a mouse. That isn’t seeing the big picture. Ergonomics is about people, about finding innovative ways to help each member of your staff achieve, be and do their very best. It’s about revolutionizing work habits and energizing culture with an investment that pays for itself many times over. Let’s look at what your business could start experiencing with just a few small changes by implementing ergonomics in the workplace.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

Your workplace safety program might not protect your workers from all the types of injury they risk every time they clock in. Traditional office equipment can cause employees pain, and over time lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI) and musculoskeletal disorders.

When employees hunch over their desk, crane their neck to look at a monitor and contort their bodies to use the mouse and keyboard, they strain muscles, tendons and soft tissue in their hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck and back. Microscopic injuries occur, leading to inflammation. The staff you depend on goes home tired and sore day after day and may begin to experience conditions like chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis.

In contrast, ergonomics involves equipment that adjusts to fit each body type to reduce the risk of injury. Workers who spend more time concentrating on their work than their pain come up with better ideas and have high productivity and efficiency rates.

Spend Less on Workers Compensation

How much do you want to spend this year on helping employees recover from workplace injuries? A major benefit of workplace ergonomics is how it reduces direct costs attributable to repetitive strain injury and musculoskeletal disorders

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) spent more than a decade studying the way people work and found on average, $1 of every $3 spent on worker’s compensation comes from insufficient ergonomics. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows ergonomics related injuries are the reason for a third of days-away-from-work cases, and when people take off for an RSI, they need more time to recover. The right equipment costs a fraction of what you’ll pay for one repetitive strain injury.

Create a Wellness Focused Culture

You want your business to grow, but it’s not just about dollars and cents. You employ real people, and you have a chance to improve their job satisfaction, health and well-being. At the core of every good ergonomics program is a commitment to helping each individual work in a way that fits their body for a lifetime of better health.

Good ergonomic habits have a tendency to spread throughout an organization. When one employee sees his or her colleague typing away on an adjustable ergonomic keyboard, they’ll want one for their own desktop. Ergonomics becomes not just about computer accessories, but an entire workplace mentality.

It spills over into other areas because throughout the workplace, everyone feels better. Workers are less fatigued, so they’re more likely to be physically active throughout the day and outside of work. They have less pain so they sleep better and come back recharged. Your investment in ergonomics starts a positive cycle that encourages healthy lifestyles.

Attract the Best Candidates

Unemployment is low, so you face a challenge when it comes to finding top talent. Pay and benefits matter, but you’ll have to offer more if you want the world’s best to respond to your job posting. People want to feel like they matter, like their organization invests in helping them achieve their personal best. They’re also attracted to employers that offer the best technology and have values that align with their own.

Ergonomics benefits your company by making your workplace where the most qualified candidates want to be. Ergonomic equipment helps staff be their most innovative, productive and efficient. Your investment shows the value you place in employee well-being. Plus, Goldtouch ergonomic equipment puts the best technology at their fingertips.

Boost Efficiency and Quality

Employee A uses traditional office equipment. She has bad posture because she’s the wrong height for her desk, and she’s continually shifting in her chair trying to get comfortable. Employee A frequently stops working to stretch because her wrists, neck and back hurt. By afternoon she’s working slowly and taking frequent breaks because of the pain. She often calls in or goes home early.

Employee B uses an ergonomic keyboard, ergonomic mouse and a sit-stand desk. She has found just the right angles and adjustments for her body type. Employee B works without pain. She switches frequently between sitting and standing for excellent circulation and energy that lasts all day. She accomplishes all her tasks most days, sleeps soundly and looks forward to starting again the next day.

Employee A can’t work efficiently. Her pain and fatigue lead to frequent mistakes. Employee B is free to focus on the work, so she makes fewer errors and remains engaged. Your investment in ergonomics could make all the difference.

Supercharge Your Growth Strategy

It’s not enough just to have a great widget or a useful service. Whatever business you’re in, for sustainable growth you need the following:

  • A value proposition – Something that sets your products and services apart.
  • Sustainable revenue streams – Without positive cash flow, you can’t grow.
  • Customer focus – Know who they are and what they want, and give it to them every single time.
  • An edge over the competition – If you can’t do it better, they get your business.
  • Qualified, engaged employees – Businesses with top talent experience the most success.

One of the benefits of ergonomics is that it helps you accomplish all of the above. In a marketplace where employers do everything they can to save a buck, your investment in ergonomics sets your company apart. When employees get more work done in a day, you pay the same wages but receive more value for improved revenue. Workers who feel good offer better customer service and stay engaged. Your whole company functions better, outperforming the competition day after day, week after week, year after year.

Support High-Risk Groups

We have a wide range of ergonomics products that are easy to use and affordable, so you can provide just the right amount of support depending on job responsibilities. Start by providing support for employees most at risk. Work is more likely to cause injury when the following is true:

  • Workers repeat the same task frequently
  • The same motion continues over a long period of time
  • The work, strain or weight is intense
  • Multiple risk factors are involved

As an employer, you can also provide ergonomic training workshops and arrange regular support groups for employee groups at the highest risk. Workshops and support groups are beneficial so staff can exchange tips and offer support. Once there’s an ergonomic environment in place, it doesn’t take much effort to keep it alive. Furthermore, employees and employers will continue to reap ergonomics benefits long after implementing change.

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