ergonomics training planThe first step in fixing a problem is admitting you’ve got one—and when it comes to ergonomics, most offices do. But just handing employees a handbook on ergonomic best practices isn’t going to do the trick. While most ergonomic solutions are relatively simple and easy to implement, they do involve making adjustments to ingrained habits, and most people need a little guidance and support to stay on track.

How to Get Started with Ergonomics Training

To get started, we highly recommend reading Five Tips for Effective Ergonomics Training. Here, you’ll find a number of crucial tips for any office trying to implement or upgrade their ergonomics training programs, including how to connect with your audience and how to demonstrate the big picture importance of just what you’re doing.

Have you or your company helped design an ergonomics program for your office? What tricks did you find most effective for really affecting change in your colleagues? Let us know in the comments below.