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There it is, gleaming on the shelf in front of you. A brand new tablet, app icons twinkling in that fresh, clean showroom light. And then you see the price tag. Yikes. That’s not in the budget—but could it possibly be something your boss could put on the company credit card?

It’s not as outlandish as you might think—just as long as you can demonstrate a great business case for making it happen. Let’s take a look at a few key arguments for having the company buy you the coolest new tech gadgets around.

1. Calculate How Much More Productive You’re Going to Be

Sure, the newest technology comes at a price, but it’s called an investment for a reason. To really make your case (and possibly impress your boss along the way), calculate how much time your desired product will save you throughout any given year. Then list out all of the many productive ways you could use that time, whether that’s brainstorming new ideas or finally working on that big project that’s been on hold for months. If you work in a job like sales, where your time is directly connected to numbers, calculate how much more you could generate for the company. Put your findings together in an official presentation, and send it your boss’ way.

2. Find Affordable Ways to Make it Happen

You may have learned about this great new product through the manufacturer, but seek out deals with wholesalers and discount chains before approaching the boss. Can you get a group discount? Are there any kind of special coupons available for business customers? Your boss will be impressed with your initiative…and just how affordable you’re making this plan sound.

3. Focus on the Long Term Investment

Few bosses will be eager to buy a new gadget for an employee they’re not convinced will stick around. Let your boss know how passionate you are about the company. Since you’re so invested in staying for the long term, you’ll need products that keep you productive and healthy. An ergonomic keyboard, for instance, isn’t just a sleek gadget that will look good on your desk, it will help prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries that may sideline you down the road. Focus on products that will make your work activities safer and more productive.

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4. Emphasize Cost Savings

New technology has a lovely tendency to work much faster than older technology. On the whole, it’s also more energy efficient. Calculate just how much your desired gadget will save the company, and put your stats into an impressive graph.

5. Be Patient Yet Persistent

Sometimes, big companies will put you through endless bureaucratic hoops when you want to buy new technology. Other times, they’ll have programs established just for this purpose. Likewise, bosses in small businesses might be more eager to please you, while others will be more anxious about their bottom line. Whatever the case, just keep gently reminding your boss, but remember to give them a little space to breathe. If you’ve made your case, they’re sure to come around eventually.

In Short

If there’s one theme running throughout all of these suggestions, it’s this: if you want your boss to pony up for office equipment, it’s important to be strategic, thoughtful, and purposeful in what you’re asking for. Ergonomic products fit those criteria, as they keep you comfortable, productive, efficient, and in some cases even more creative on the job. That’s just what happens when you’re focusing on your craft rather than on your pain.

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