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Image credit: Ergo Depot Adjustable Desk

We’ve talked a lot here on the Goldtouch blog about the dangers of sitting all day. But if musculoskeletal problems and increased risk for developing diabetes, heart disease, obesity and perhaps even some types of cancers doesn’t get you up and out of your seat, here are a few more unexpected reasons why making the switch to a standing desk just might be a great idea.

1) Standing May Increase Your Energy Levels

Standing all day means constantly calling on your muscles to keep you upright. This in turn will keep those calories burning, your heart pumping and your metabolism roaring. Think about it: how often have you fallen asleep on your feet versus while you were sitting behind a desk? Stand up and you’ll be much more awake and ready to get the task at hand done.

2) Standing Desks Sync With Your Ergonomic Lifestyle

Whether you swear by your ergonomic keyboard or you’re all about lighting that automatically adjusts to your circadian rhythms, a standing or adjustable desk is a key part of establishing a workspace that is customized to your unique body and working style. Working from a standing desk means always being able to adjust your space to account for discomfort so that you can continue to concentrate on the task at hand rather than any bodily pain.

Believe it or not, there are many more great reasons to switch to a standing desk than just this. For this, we highly recommend reading, 7 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Standing Desk.

Have you made the switch to a standing desk? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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